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Discrimination has and always will be controversial, whether it is because of sex or color of skin it will always be around. Writer inspiration seems to come from firsthand accounts and experiences, at least that is the case with Sandra Cisneros, a Chicana writer, and Langston Hughes, and African American poet. When reading their stories the reader can identify how different life experiences have influenced and inspired them to write the way they do. Analyzing Sandra Cisneros and Langston Hughes, and pieces of their writing will demonstrate how similar their writing is, how minority discrimination, and cultural circumstances effect and shape different pieces of their respective writings. This paper will highlight similarities, differences and motives for writing the short story, “Woman Hollering Creek”, and poem, “I, Too” all backed up and supported by research done about the author.
Born in Chicago Illinois, into a family of seven children, being the only daughter Sandra Cisneros is a Mexican American novelist and feminist writer. She has been one of the first Mexican American women to receive recognitions for her writing and has sold to date million of copies of her well known book, The House on Mango Street. Sandra Cisneros is an inspirational woman who writes about heroines, strong women who overcome stereotypical barriers. But also gives life to characters who dream and long for economic independence, such as Cleofilas in Women Hollering Creek. Cisneros grew up in the “barrios”, or ghettos of Chicago and moved back and forth thanks to her father’s homesickness and love for Mexico. Being the only woman in the family, other than her mother, she lived a suppressed childhood, wanting to be just as independent as her brothers an...

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