The Sanctity of Marriage: Equality for All Essay

The Sanctity of Marriage: Equality for All Essay

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There are currently 16 states, including Washington D.C., which allow same-sex marriage. The very first being Massachusetts in 2003, but the initial concept of marriage was solely intended for opposite-sex marriage dating back nearly 60 years ago. When discussing the controversial topic of gay marriage, one should consider that if there is truly equality in the U.S. then gays should be treated in the same manner as those who are considered straight.
There are many benefits allowed to those in a marriage, whether it deals with inheritance, or tax breaks. Legally after a spouse dies, any assets such as property, money, vehicles are given to the surviving spouse provided the deceased hasn’t written otherwise in their will. While for those who aren’t allowed to be married, can’t legally inherit any of their partners assets without a written will saying so (Inheritance Law). Furthermore, the standard deduction per person was $5,950, regardless of one’s relationship status; married couples are often given personal and dependent exemptions. These exemptions can be approximately $4,000 per person. For couples earning less than $110,000 a year, every person in a household is given a free $3,800 tax exemption along with $1,000 per child. In other words, children are very beneficial when it comes to tax breaks. Why should people of the same sex, who wish to celebrate their love for one another through marriage, be excluded from such benefits? If the United States truly wishes to have equality, gay marriage should be allowed throughout the entire country (Tax Benefits).
The marital bond between two people shouldn’t be solely allowed to those of the opposite sex. Tradition says marriage is meant to unite couples, while procreating in the proce...

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...s a belief and will certainly have its critics. The only thing we can do is to look at what personally means most. Is it the equality between sexual orientation rights throughout the US? Or is it for petty reasons like it’s unnatural and “creeps me out?” These arguments are unintelligent and shouldn’t even be considered as a premise of the opposition.

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