The Salem Witchcraft Trials During Colonial Massachusetts Essay

The Salem Witchcraft Trials During Colonial Massachusetts Essay

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In Salem England, the Puritans encountered a number of hardships such as economic instability, political struggles, and social frustration. The families that inhabited Salem were large and everyone was highly educated. In the Puritan community, men were encouraged to take up a trade or earn their way into a skilled profession an early age. As a result, men were the leaders of their homes and in the community. Women were educated in a variety of subjects but they were unable to attend college. They were expected to have an educational background in order to pass on knowledge to their children at an early on. In the Puritan society women had no rights compared to the opportunities that are available today.
The Salem Witchcraft Trials took place in colonial Massachusetts in the period of 1692 to 1693. During the seventh century, women were expected to follow Puritan customs. The Salem Witchcraft Trails were a collection of executions that had more to do with
a women’s social status and the inability to explain behaviors that women portrayed at that time.
The term “witch” in the present has been used in films, books, and pop culture. In 1692, an example of a person who was considered a “witch” was generally someone who appeared to be involved in an occult like worship by practicing witchcraft. However, the meaning of the term was later used to often describe a woman who did not follow traditional customs and as a means to provide explanations of the questionable behavior that woman began to show. Lyle Koehler and Laurie Winn Carlson are two different authors who have approached the story of the Salem Witchcraft Trials to try determine what was causing the turmoil that plundered the Puritan society whether it became a woman’s search...

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...nity could affect the quality of their lifestyles and if tey The behavior that these women portrayed is related to the symptoms found in encephalitis and some other chronic health diseases. In addition, stress alone will wear down a person’s body and damage their mental health. Based on the suppression of women, the Puritan community may not have realized that they could have been sick or suffering chronic stress.
Although both authors presented detailed and well thought out explanations, neither one provided an explanation that played a part in explaining what happened during the Salem witchcraft trials but it is still missing the whole picture. The Salem Witchcraft Trials was a problem of single women who were misunderstood and the witchcraft trial accusations was a clever way to eliminate people who were unlikable and a way to shape the future of the community.

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