Essay 1920s an Era of Social Transformation

Essay 1920s an Era of Social Transformation

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Citizens wanted normality to return to America. The 1920s was also known as an era of social transformation for women and American society. America was changing fast between War World I ending, and women testing new boundaries. The twenties was a positive and negative change for America. The 1920 had a paved a path which leads women towards social independents, and the twenties was also a decade that gave American a new view on their government. The prohibition movement had also made a huge impact on American society as a whole. The crime rates were rising fast in the cities, and citizens were illegally consuming alcohol. During the twenties between both events; women changing fashion and social norms for future generation, and the government making alcohol illegal. Had changed the view American citizens had on their society as a whole.
Before War World I ended, ladies in the United States were still living the same principles as the Victorian Era, but during the 1920s American women got to taste a forbidden fruit called independents. Independents were gradually given to females during the war. When the men were fighting, females got to taste independents which men had before the war. By the time the men returned home America women were slowly transforming out of their cage. When someone hears the phrase Flappers three words normally comes to mind. Partying, drinking, and dancing; these are the most commonly associated words citizens’ think of when they hear the term. It is true, that those three words explains a Flapper woman, but what most people do not know is how they changed the fashion and social world women during the 1920s. During the twenties Flappers were also known as the ‘’rebellious women’’ (Swartz, Dennis K."Fla...

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...that decade.

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