Russian Revolution Research Paper : Russia

Russian Revolution Research Paper : Russia

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Russian Revolution Research Paper
Countries with a considerable amount of resources, weapons and soldiers are most optimal to fight in a war. A government that entered into a conflict at a disadvantage of resources and strategy has a higher chance of a negative outcome. Russia showed to be a prime example of a disadvantaged country, as it was not industrialized compared to its opponent countries such as Germany, which was better equipped and stocked with soldiers and proved to be a challenge for the Russian military. Russia lacked in weapons and effective battle strategies against countries armed with higher tier arsenal. Tsar Nicholas II and the Provisional Government that ruled after him both did not end the war, but they drained resources and the moral of their country, they both ignored the needs of the Russian soldiers and people. As a result of this, the radical ideas of the Russian people were introduced to overthrow the government. Some historians claim World War I was not the primary cause of the revolution, however, the the poor decisions of Nicholas II made during his reign of Russia. The Tsar angered the people and made citizens question Tsar’s ruling, it was World War, the main source of unrest that caused his inadequate leadership which made the ideas of the provisional government after his rule.
The Russian Soldiers’ frustration and decreasing morale for the raging war which contribute to the Russian Revolution. Russia was not industrialized compared to its opponent countries in the Great War. They had outdated military strategy and weapons, even at that point they had a shortage in their weapons and had to retrieve weapons from fallen comrades. Their communications of strategy were not coded, which gave easy acces...

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..., the true cause of the Russian revolution was World War I. World War I brung economic burden which proved to much for Russia to handle, as it lacked coded messages and adequate weapons to fight its enemies. In addition, if the real reason for the discontent in Russia was Tsar Nicholas II, then the Russian Revolution could have possibly prevented once the provisional government came into place. The issues Russian Soldiers dealt with demoralizing means and they abandoned the military in order to spread their radical ideas. What the main point is that war does change, and Russia came into the war not prepared and with strategies that would have worked before heavy industrialization of other countries. A capable government should be expected to know when they are losing a war and their casualties too great, supplies too low, in order to pull out and save what they have.

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