The Russian Economy And Its Impact On America Essay

The Russian Economy And Its Impact On America Essay

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The Russian economy was crippled, the military was in shambles and, Eastern Europe was in the middle of many changes. This was the world not twenty years ago, much different from what it is today. A divided Balkans, a Eurocentric Poland and an economically strong and militarily strong Russia. Since the fall of the CCCP we have seen the face of Europe change, from on the brink of war to the brink of economic dominance. There is only one opposing team to this German led economic powerhouse, Russia. So does this make Russia a menace, a threat to our nation, just because they strive to be the America of Europe?
In the beginning of the birth of our nation, The United States, we had few allies, few friends. We were not supported by the world because any support for us would anger The United Kingdom. Though they were aware of the repercussions some countries supported us, France, Morocco, and Tsarist Russia (1). France support us because we were the enemy of their enemy, Morocco because they were as well a fledgling nation that needed support, and Russia came to support us because we were similar in our beliefs, an independent people who were strong in their personal and religious beliefs. We were both a people conquering a unknown landscape full of natural riches, Siberia and Western America.
This friendship of ours went to continue even during the civil war, when Russia threatened to bombard Sydney if England joined the war on the side of the Confederates (2). This was an act of friendship from Russia to us, showing that we were allies in this changing word. In the mid-19th century our friendship hardened when they sold us the Russian colonies in Alaska, formalizing our control over the Alaskan Territory (3). Russia passed along the...

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...want to go to war because we are too similar like one each other.
As you can tell I am sympathetic to the Russians, and no, I do not believe that the military resurgence is a threat to America itself. It is not that I hate America, I love America, I just disagree with the policies that this administration is doing. By isolating Russia you will only breed more and more contempt for the American people in the hearts of the Russians and we do not need that, that is a very dangerous move and might lead to a knew war. I just believe that we should be allies with the Russians and we can work together for a better and better world.


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