The Russian Civil War And The Revolution Of 1917 Essay

The Russian Civil War And The Revolution Of 1917 Essay

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The Russian Civil War began in the aftermath of the October Revolution of 1917. While the Revolution itself was almost bloodless, the Civil War that followed was one of the most tragic periods in Russian History . Russia was ruled by a small group of Revolutionaries known the Bolsheviks, whose leaders would inevitably change Russia. The struggle between the Bolsheviks and their enemies shaped the new soviet state and its later development. The causes for the Revolution are deeply rooted in Russian History. World War I, for instance, caused desperate suffering amongst the Russian people, but other more long-standing problems were just as important. Many factors led to the outcome of the Russian Civil War, but most derive from the Bolsheviks leadership, supported with a clear and strong image of what they wanted economically, socially, politically and militarily. This paper will briefly outline the key events pertaining to many of these historical problems and factors to explain their role and significance in the Bolsheviks success.
Throughout Russian History people had been legally bound to land they did not own, and forced to work for others. “In 1891, only two countries allowed one man to own another- the United States and Russia” . In the midst of the American Revolution, whose people were fighting over the question of slavery, in Russia, Tsar Alexander II abolished serfdom in the Russian empire. Emancipation gave serfs freedom from their landowners, the freedom to purchase land, and vote. Impressive though these freedoms first seemed, vestiges of the old system continued to scourge the vast majority of the Russian population as prospects for land and education remained severely limited. Because landowners were entitled to deci...

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... leadership, you can create socialism, which can develop into communism.
More and more began to listen to Bolshevik calls for support. Lenin and the Bolsheviks set up a revolutionary committee to plan and implement their seizure of power. Their military forces were loosely organized groups called Red Guards often consisting of factory workers, peasants, soldiers, and sailors for the protection of the Soviet power. The Bolsheviks had more personnel, and greater determination and confidence in their cause, all of which are vital keys to their success. On October 30, the first military engagement of the Russian Civil War took place.
The advantages possessed by the Bolsheviks would soon prove their significance in the role they played for their success, for their leadership, strategy, and determination was far greater than the numerous groups who opposed their movement.

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