Russia Was Ruled By The Tsars And The Emperor Of Russia Essay

Russia Was Ruled By The Tsars And The Emperor Of Russia Essay

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Russia was ruled by the Tsars and followed a monarchy until 1917. The last Tsar of Russia was Nicholas II who had a turning point in the relationship with his people after the 1905 Russian Revolution. This revolution was “sparked off by a peaceful protest held on January 22nd” (Trueman, 2016). Russian people, after being humiliated by the defeat of Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), wanted the transformation of their government from an autocracy into a constitutional monarchy (Britannica, n.d.). Followed by the industrial revolution that Nicholas II had brought, few other unwanted events occurred in Russia before the Revolution of 1905.
The trend of having big end-of-the-year party before the summer break at the public universities resulted in creating problems for Tsar Nicholas II. After getting freedom of speech during the reformation of Alexander II, this trend became a tradition which were becoming unmanageable and police had to present in order to tackle the massacre: students (mostly the male) got drunk. Nicholas II in order to bring an end to this massacre banned these parties and the male students started to protest- riots occurred. The Tsar later forced to close down all the public universities and had all the male students join the military. This later turned out to be a bad idea as they were not well trained for joining the force, and Nicholas II, as a result, had poor military.
The 1905 Revolution was resulted by the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). The Tsar decided to build another railroad in Russia routing from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, but no work is ever easy. The obstacle for this plan was that the route from Vladivostok to Chita went through China which was called Manchuria. In order to complete the project o...

... middle of paper ..., unaware of another man hiding beside the cop, thought he was there to update him about the recent terrorist attack and opened the door. He was attacked by the other man who rushed inside with a suitcase pushing Trotsky on the floor. The suitcase blew, 13 people were killed and Trotsky was only injured.
When the 2nd Duma came, the radical groups’ people were arrested, including Leon Trotsky: the leader of the Soviet Government. Peter Stolypin, one of the elected members in the second Duma, did an excellent job in crossing away these terrorists. Unlike before the second Duma was elected, there were no more trials given to the terrorists, rather they were hanged the next day they got arrested.
Later, the rule of Nicholas II ended in 1917 when he was forced to resign by the February Revolution strike. Later, In October 1917 Bolsheviks seized control in Russia.

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