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Russia 's Largest Nation Essay

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Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Russia’s population density is 8.4 people per square kilometer, making it one of the most limited populated countries in the world. Nevertheless, Russia is one of the minority countries where a lot people are moving from cities to rural area, because of traditions and charms of living in nature. People in Russia are moving to villages trying to escape from the changeable and chaotic urban life. In addition, Russia is a highly urbanized country, which 74% of the population is urban.
Russia’s population peaked in the early 1990s at the time of the end of the Soviet Union with about 148 million people in the country. Today, Russia’s population is approximately 143 million. The United States Census Bureau estimates that Russia’s population will decline from the current 143 million to a mere 111 million by 2050, a loss of more than 30 million people and a decrease of more than 20% of the population. The primary causes of Russia’s population decrease and loss of citizens each year are a high death rate, low birth rate, and a low level of immigration.
This statistics could be problem for Russia, it has a very high death rate of 15 deaths per 1000 people per year; this crude death rate is to measure and compares the average annual number of deaths during a year per 1000 population at midyear. This is far higher than the world’s average death rate of just under 9. The death rate in the U.S. is 8 per 1000 and for The United Kingdom it’s 10 per 1000. Alcohol-related deaths in Russia are very high and alcohol-related emergencies represent the bulk of emergency room visits in this country. ...

... middle of paper ... reduction are from high death rate, high rate of emigration and low fertility rate. Based on the fact that less population density affect the living of citizens, most people in Russia tend to heavily consume alcohol and tobacco, because of low pressure on social and limited competition in their career; despite that alcohol was a cause of more than half of all Russian deaths, also consequence of consuming alcohol can lead to increasing in HIV as well. Last but not least, main factor that also affect depopulation in Russia is economic hardship. Lower standard of living and bad economic causing rate of emigration to rise, also women would feel less than encourage to have children because they wouldn’t be able to afford to have a children. Where Russia headed from now is largely depend on how the economy performs, Putin need to figure out the solution to this problem.

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