Essay about Russia 's Invasion Of Georgia

Essay about Russia 's Invasion Of Georgia

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Russia’s invasion of Georgia in the Russo-Georgian War brought serious changes in the relationship between Russia and the West. Russia was displeased when NATO tried to expand their presence in Eastern Europe by offering Georgia NATO membership. The war allowed Russia to punish Georgia from trying to free themselves from Russia’s influence. In addition, it showed other states in the region, (particularly Ukraine) what would happen should they try to establish a Western oriented government. Russia’s policy toward Georgia also indicated to the West that they would pursue bolder foreign policies and would not be intimidated or fazed by NATO’s expansion.
Georgia and Russia have historically had a long and complicated relationship. First, Georgia was part of the Russian Empire and then during the Bolsheviks Revolution they declared their independence in 1918. However, it was not long until the Red Army attacked and defeated Georgia in 1921 and they then became part of the Soviet Union. Georgia eventually gained their independence following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Despite the Soviet Union’s dissolution and their declaration of independence, Russia has tried to uphold their influence in the region by using South Ossetia. “Tbilisi argued that Moscow never fully accepted Georgian independence after the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991.” (Bowker) Therefore, many believed that Russia’s foreign policy with Georgia was driven by their desire to maintain their control over the state in the post-Soviet world. However, “Georgia’s internal politics and its complex relations with Russia still represent a virtual terra incognita” for most people, which makes understanding “the causes and significance of the war” difficult. (Light)...

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...n NATO. (Ellison) NATO’s growth was coming closer to Russia and this caused Russia to perceive it as threatening to their national security. Subsequently, Russia’s main goal with their policy was to let Georgia, the West and the CIS states know that they refuse to tolerate “encirclement caused by NATO enlargement” as well as any “regional challenges that compromise its perceived sphere of influence.” (Ellison) Therefore, Russia’s policy towards Georgia is one meant to also intimidate other states such as Ukraine from attempting to join NATO. Moscow considered the war to be successful because it “demonstrated to Georgia and Ukraine that affiliation with the west came at a price.” (Donaldson 397) Another theory is that the Russo-Georgian war “was directly a part of an integrated strategy to protect Russia’s sphere and dissuade the westernization of Georgia.” (Ellison)

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