Russia 's Cultural And Physical Environment Essay

Russia 's Cultural And Physical Environment Essay

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Currently, one of the main conflicts Russia faces is its environmental degradation. Due to the vast area that Russia encompasses, it was believed for many centuries that there was a seemingly limitless supply of natural resources available. This thought process, along with Russia’s unique political history has detrimentally affected both Russia’s cultural and physical environment. As Russia has industrialized in an attempt to compete for power and wealth, the country has exploited an enormous amount of its natural resources. While Russia continues to exploit precious resources such as oil and various minerals, resource scarcity is beginning to present itself through drastic rises in soil erosion. This soil erosion has resulted from the over production of agriculture, alongside the exploitation of gas fields (Shoba, Stolbovoi, Alyabina & Molchanov, 2008). As a result, Russia is now dealing with a degrading environment, infrastructure issues and the various repercussions of their pollution.
One major issue that Russia is dealing with is the nuclear damage from the Chernobyl nuclear reaction explosion. This explosion occurred in 1986 and has caused devastation, which continues to impact Russia’s environment almost 30 years later (Nurlybaev, & Maslyaev, 2011). The Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred in Ukraine and caused large quantities of radioactive particles to spread over Russia. While this explosion was an accident, it affected over 500,000 people and continues to cause radiation and health problems today (2011). This explosion has impacted and contaminated some of Russia’s natural resources and will continue to do so until Russia begins to find a way to impose more environmentally friendly practices. Presently, about 10.6% of ...

... middle of paper ... and make Russia’s natural resources more accessible. However, recent studies show that global warming still has negative affects in this area. According to the journal Contemporary Problems of Ecology, “Forecasts based on the Atmospheric General Circulation Models suggest that the negative influence of climate change on forest ecosystems in Russia will significantly outweigh the positive impact on a national scale” (Shvidenko & Schepaschenko, 2013). Such impacts could include an increase in forest fires and natural disasters, in addition to a continued loss of biodiversity (2013). Ultimately, Russia will benefit from preserving its environment and reducing pollution. While the natural geography of Russia plays a role in its slowness to adapt, Russia does seem to be heading in a positive direction toward reducing the environmental damages that they have caused.

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