Essay about The Russia And The Russian Man

Essay about The Russia And The Russian Man

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1. The Russian states to Marlow that “I had gone so far that I don’t know how I’ll ever get back.” Literally, it means he had gone so far by distance from Russia that he is not sure how and when he will go back to his own country, Russia. The Russian man originally started his journey “with a light heart and no more idea of what would happen to him” but after he met Mr.Kurtz, now, he ended up being in a deep jungle in Congo. Symbolically it means, he had gone so far in Kurtz that he doesn’t know how he will get out from him. For instance, Russian look up to Mr.Kurtz, similar to the natives, that he states he listens to Mr.Kurtz more than he speaks to him, Russian told Marlow that he should not look Kurtz the way he look ordinary person, and also states “this man (Kurtz) has enlarged my mind”. To this Russian man, Kurtz is like the deep jungle. The Russian finds himself so fascinating to Kurtz that he doesn’t know how he will get out his mind about Kurtz. So he tells Marlow “take Kurtz away quick-quick”.
2. When Marlow asks about what Mr.Kurtz had traded for ivory, the Russian reply back by saying Kurtz “raided the … villages round lake” with the help of “tribe to follow him” – who worshiped Kurtz as their God. This is significant because it shows the power of Kurtz in this jungle and also portrays the dark side of Kurtz for the first time.
3. Kurtz threaten to shoot the young Russian man because he “had a small lot of ivory the chief of that village near my house gave me.” Kurtz told the Russian that if he doesn’t give him the ivory, Kurtz will shoot him because “there was nothing on earth to prevent him killing.” This shows the savageness of Kurtz and the greediness for ivory.
4. The Russian tell Marlow that “lately Mr.Kurtz h...

... middle of paper ...

...o many lives due to they were “rebels” like how Kurtz did to the heads (knobs on the posts by the building), and made slaves to order whatever they want to get such as ivory, gold, etc. Furthermore, due to Africa was not civilized, some Africans believed the Europeans were spiritual figures like God because of their powers and their advances – this can also relate to how Kurtz was a God to natives.
10. The three distinct “narrative layers” that the reader must work his way through, in order to reach the truth about Kurtz are
- The first layer is the narrative of story from an anonymous person who listens to Marlow’s story.
- The second layer is the story told by Marlow who will tell the reader what he had witnessed and experienced in Congo River.
- The third layer is the Conrad telling the story behind Marlow about the truth of darkness in every individual’s heart.

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