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The Running Man

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"Save me" screamed Sarah who stabbed to death by a serial rapist/murderer.
The murderer, Pedro, was a fugitive for 2 years. You know, running away from the cops for murdering dozens of innocent souls. He went on the run, from Liverpool England to where else but the land of fatness, the land of ignorance and stupidity, the lad that has some of the most weird and peculiar sates in the world, the state where a rapist and murderer would fit in quite nicely. Texas, America.
From Texas there have been many gory, disturbing, wired, frightening stories. One of these stories in particular stands out and puts Texas on map. This story being the great gory Texas chainsaw massacre, which is a true story.
To this day, the man they call ‘Leather-Face’ (Leather-Face is the mans nickname given to him as he covers his hideously disfigured face with the skin of his victims) has not been captured since the 1970’s. Leather-Face chased people with a chainsaw, killed them and took their face. He would then eat the victim with his family. This true story was made into a series of horror movies.

The element in Texas that starts off the action in this story is the game show, ‘The Running Man’, which was inspired by the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. As the story goes on you will understand how.

Pedro, being on the run for two years, was borrowing money from other criminals to go from town to town and country to country; he needed some money to get himself out of debt and back on track. Pedro was looking through the local paper and came across an ad for a game show called ‘The Running Man’. The criteria for entering the show were that you had to be a convicted criminal. The prize if you won on the game show was your whole criminal record wiped, plus U.S $ 250, 000.
Pedro signed up. But little did Pedro know about ‘The Running Man’.
The day that Pedro was to appear on the show, the producer of the show ‘Terry Crookheimer’ explained the rules of ‘The Running Man’ to Pedro and the other four. Pedro was disgusted and said to Terry, “YOU BASTARD! YOU WONT GET AWAY WITH THIS!” Pedro had just realized that this sick show ad been on air for four years. And every single criminal on that had been on

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the show had been killed by, first of all, the psychos with the chainsaws chopping them up (which is the part that is inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre), then the hungry lions, killer dogs and obstacles that were humanly and just all around impossible to get through by a human or anything. Pedro, the 5”7 Mexican/Englishman of small build, had absolutely no chance at all of surviving. An neither did the other four. He had already signed the contract obligating him to do the show. Pedro thought to himself “I may as well give it a go, if I don’t the cops will get me anyway”. We must not forget why Pedro is on the run; he raped and murdered 23 women. 11 being single mothers.
Now to explain ‘The Running Man’. The show is designed so that the criminal has no chance of winning at all. The game show is set in a massive underground arena which is kind of like a maze (you start at the start and work your way to the end of it) with all the life threatening obstacles in your way.

It was time for Pedro, to jump into the ‘killer’ arena along with a couple of other convicted criminals. The Texas crowd were going wild, they couldn’t wait for the blood and gore. The green light went off for the rapists, murders, robbers and others to start. At the start of the maze there were tow really fat guys with ‘leather-faces’ who had chainsaws trying to kill the criminals, all for criminals made it through the fat men.

By the quarter mark stage Pedro had lost an arm!! He lost his arm to a fast rotating blade which was one of the obstacles. He saw his chopped arm on the ground with all the tendons and bone hanging out of the arm. The pain must have been ridiculous. It was twitching. By the quarter stage, two of the four other men had been killed. One of them was killed by 6 killer dogs. As the Texas crowd was cheering, the others head was eaten by a lion and the rest of his body was eaten by the ‘leather-face’ wannabes. The tree left were Pedro, John and Tyrone. Tyrone had one leg chopped off at the leg by a chainsaw and John had a huge chunk of himself taken out by a psycho with a spade. Maybe he thought it could be put back in. As the three were halfway to halfway point, John broke into a fit and started to froth form the mouth. It must have been from the excruciating pain of his missing rib, after two or three minutes, Johns pulse stopped. He had passed away.

After one and a half hours, Pedro and Tyrone had made it within a one kilometer range of the finish when Tyrone collapsed due to blood loss and all the hopping with the flesh and bone bouncing around. Tyrone had passed away too. Now Pedro was all by himself in a creepy, dark, underground arena that smelled like meat. Pedro thought that he could make it out alive; there was just a matter of a hundred meters left. But of course this is ‘The Running Man”. True enough, just after Tyrone had collapsed, Pedro fell into a pit in pitch black. Pedro had fallen into a garbage compacting machine which contracts every five minutes. Then an electronic noise sounded. It was the compacting machine getting itself ready to compact Pedro. The machine is designed to break you bones, but no kill you. It crushed Pedro. Then some floodlights came on, in front of Pedro a mirror. Pedro looked at the mirror and saw blood gushing out of all parts of him body. He was alert enough to see and hear, but not to speak. So after a couple of moments he heard a chainsaw start up.
The noise became louder and louder, closer and closer until a man was standing in front of him. The man with the mutilated face started off by slowly sawing off his legs.
Pedro wanted to scream but he couldn’t, he was too mentally and physically drained to. The blood went everywhere. The grinding sound through the bone just sickening.
Imagine your leg being chopped off in front of you in this fashion. Then the psycho put the chainsaw in Pedro’s mouth. The psycho started moving the chainsaw around taking out Pedro’s teeth and tongue. Then came his chin, he sawed through the chin as Pedro’s head bobbed up and down with the force of the chainsaw. Now he had one arm, no legs and no chin, he looked just as hideous as the man still standing in front of him. The chainsaw stopped Pedro could still see. The saw the man walk off, by now the compactor should have gone off, but no. They left him there to die a slow and painful death, watching himself bleed to death in the mirror. But we shouldn’t feel sorry for Pedro as he raped and killed twenty-three innocent women.

There was something that could have stopped Pedro from this awful mess. The thing being a letter sent to his old house in Liverpool, England which said that the police had made a mistake in investigations and that the police were very sorry for their mistake. The letter was sent a year ago. I f Pedro hadn’t been so caught up in running he might have been able to go back home to his wife and daughter.
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