Romantic Love as the Center of Conflict in A Streetcar Named Desire, Wuthering and Much Ado about Nothing

Romantic Love as the Center of Conflict in A Streetcar Named Desire, Wuthering and Much Ado about Nothing

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Romantic love is the centre of conflict and takes many forms in A Streetcar Named Desire, Wuthering and Much Ado about Nothing. Despite these three texts being of different genres they present romance similarly. In A Streetcar Named Desire, the audience perceive that Stanley’s and Stella’s relationship is mostly based on physical attraction. We recognise this when Stanley says that he wants to get rid of Blanche so that he and Stella “can make noise in the night” without Blanche “behind the curtains to hear us!” the staging her demonstrates that there is no privacy in their small apartment as the only barrier between Stanley and Blanch is “the curtain”, this would create the effect of claustrophobia and make the audience feel uncomfortable. So Stanley sees that their marriage is suffering when Blanche is in the picture as they cannot relate to each other the way they used to. The conflict between Stanley and Stella is provoked by Blanche’s presence as she disturbs the power he has over Stella and she flirts with Mitch. This causes his outburst of violence which results in Stella getting punched as a “sound of a blow” is heard, despite the fact that Stella “is going to have a baby” thus he is not scared to put the welfare of Stella and his unborn child at risk just to impress Blanch. This shows just how desperate he is to impress Blanch and demonstrate his masculinity through his outburst of violence to show that he has power in their relationship. Comparably in Much Ado about Nothing, Claudio and Hero’s romance is also based on appearance, when Claudio meets Hero for the first time in the play he tells Benedick “In mine eye she is the sweetest lady that ever I looked on” So despite never having met her before the start of the pla...

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...atherines materialistic side emerge as she aspires to be a “lady” and Heathcliffs evilness develop as he constantly dwells about how he will “pay Hindley back”, it is also through this relationship that Bronte is able to interrogate the portrayal and attitudes surrounding women and class. Debatably in A Streetcar Named Desire Williams shows aggravation for the relationship imbalance between husband and wife through Stanley and Stella’s relationship and the change of dynamic created by Blanch that causes Stanley to say things to Stella like “Since when do you give me orders?” We see that this stems from William’s personal experiences. Shakespeare, however, shows this conflicting relationship a little more light heartedly as his play ends in multiple marriages with almost everyone happy which contrasts with the other texts as audiences may see this to be unrealistic.

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