The Role of Women in Great Expectations Essay

The Role of Women in Great Expectations Essay

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Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, and died in 1870; Dickens was the most influential and popular English novelist, of the Victorian age. He is even considered the most popular novelist in 21st century. During Dickens lifetime, he became well known internationally for his extraordinary characters, his mastery of prose in telling their lives, and his portrayal of the social classes.
Some people thought of Dickens as the spokesman of the poor, as he represented the awareness of their troubles.

For the first nine years of Dickens’s life, he was living in the coastal regions of Kent, however when Dickens was twelve his family moved to London. He lived with his mother, father and his seven brothers and sisters. His father, John Dickens was a pleasant man, but was very incompetent with money, and had enormous debt throughout his life. As a consequence of this, John Dickens was arrested and sent to debtors’ prison.
Dickens’s mother sent his brothers and sisters into prison with their father, and arranged that Charles should live outside the prison and work with other children.
Dickens found the job miserable and thought that he was too good for it; he also dreadfully missed his family.
Once Dickens’s father was released from prison, Dickens returned back to school. He then became a law clerk, then a court reporter, and then finally a hugely successful novelist.

It can be seen through Dickens’s highly successful novel Great Expectations, that his early life events are reflected into the novel. Firstly the reader can relate to Dickens’s early experiences, as the novel’s protagonist Pip, lives in the marsh country, and hates his job. Pip also considers himself, to be too good for his ...

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...tella as a heartless femme fatale, rather than as a virtuous, self-effacing “angel of the house”.’

Throughout Dickens’s Great Expectations, It is clear that most of the women are portrayed as being heartless, revengeful or violent. Thus this doesn’t give a impression of women, and shows that Dickens could have been gender bias, like most men were in the 19th and early 20th century. However this could have not been Dickens’s intension at all, as he also created very evil male characters such as Dolge Orlick.
Throughout Great Expectations it is widely seen through each female character that they have been decimated by men.
However the reader also see that it’s to do with class as well

Dickens, Charles – Great expectations – Wordworth Classic – England - 1992

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