The Role Of Social Support On The Health Of Grandparents Who Were Raising Grandchildren

The Role Of Social Support On The Health Of Grandparents Who Were Raising Grandchildren

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The study done by Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner ( 2015) focused the role of social support when it came to foreseeing the health of grandparents who were raising grandchildren. The sample size of this study included 86 grandparent guardians over the course of one year. Participants of this study were requited throughout the US and Canada (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). The sample has 89.2% being white with a majority at 66.7% being married and female (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). There was usually only one grandchild that the grandparents cared for with the average age nine years old (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). It was reported by parcipants that about 33.9% of them reported making a little more than $60000 annually (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015).
In the study they focused on how the social support that grandparents had actually effected their levels of parental stress, health and depression (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). It was seen that older individuals who lacked social support were most likely to have a decline in health and report themselves as depressed (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). Through the study it was found that having a strong social support system would lead to better health (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015). The parental stress that grandparents deal with when taking care of grandchildren would also diminish over time (Hayslip, Blumenthal and Garner, 2015).
Conway, Jones, and Speakes-Lewis, (2011) did a study that focused on how there is a huge amount of female African -American women who are grandparents raising their grandchildren. Their article focused on how older grandmothers were able to cope with the emotional strain when it came to raising t...

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...Roe (2006) had their study focused on how social support influences the amount of stress and overall health of grandparent caregivers taking care of their grandchildren. The sample size of this particular study had 133 grandparent who were the average age of fifty-five year old (Gerard, Landry-Meyer, & Roe, 2006). At 91% a large majority of the participants were women with 79% of them being white (Gerard, Landry-Meyer, & Roe, 2006). About 53% of them were married with a little more than half of the actually being employed (Gerard, Landry-Meyer, & Roe, 2006). When it came to the ages of their grandchildren at 35% a majority were between the ages of five to nine years old (Gerard, Landry-Meyer, & Roe, 2006). In the study it was found that having formal support helped grandparents deal with caregiver stress and life satisfaction (Gerard, Landry-Meyer, & Roe, 2006).

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