Essay on The Role Of Primary Caregiving On Care And Education Of Infants

Essay on The Role Of Primary Caregiving On Care And Education Of Infants

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Care and education are intertwined throughout Te Whāriki (Ministry of Education [MoE], 1996). This essay will investigate the concept of primary caregiving in relation to care and education of infants. It would critically examine the influence of historical and contemporary discourses, theoretical perspectives, quality provisions, Pickler approach and RIE philosophy and my professional philosophy of teaching and learning, to attain an in depth understanding of working with infants, children aged birth to eighteen months.
The concept of primary caregiving was introduced in Aotearoa in the year 1903 by Mother Aubert and her Sisters of Compassion at their Home of Compassion Crèche in Wellington (Crèches and childcare, n.d.). The concept did not gain much recognition; however, it became popular in 1946 when Dr. Pickler established the Pickler Institute in the City of Budapest, Hungary. The Pickler Institute was a home of the underprivileged children and it underpinned the principle of treating every child with utmost respect by caring adults. Furthermore, it advocated for respectful, responsive and reciprocal relationships between children, parents and caregivers. The concept of respectful practice was widely acclaimed and was also embraced by Magda Gerber who was mentored by Dr. Pickler (Pickler/ Lόczy Fund USA, n.d.). In 1978, Magda Gerber developed RIE philosophy based on Dr. Pickler’s approach of caregiving and education (Resources for infant educarers, n.d.; Gerber, 1979, pp. 53-54). Even today, RIE organisation founded in US by Gerber and Loczy founded by Pikler “maintain close links and continue to learn from each other” (Petrie & Owen, 2009, p.17). Today, Pennie Brownlee and Toni Christie are two of the strong advocates of th...

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... security with at least one other person within each setting” (p. 22).
My philosophy is based on the Māori belief, “Ko te Tamaiti te Pūtake o te Kaupapa. The Child- the Heart of the Matter”(ERO, 2011). I believe that aroha, honesty, respect, patience, and trust are the cornerstones of every robust relationship. My belief is supported by the RIE approach of child care and education (Christie, 2011; Hammond, 2009). My professional practice is based on respectful and responsive relationships between adults and children through effective interpersonal communication (Petrie, 1997; Bolton,1996 ; Devito, 1997; Miller, 2007; Whalley, 2005; New Zealand Teachers Council, 2004) .
To sum up, the early childhood educators play a crucial role in the holistic development of children. Therefore, it is important that they execute their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

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