The Role of Elections in Malaysia

The Role of Elections in Malaysia

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Elections are a tool or technique used by the people to elect their representatives. Elections held in Malaysia aimed to choose their representatives for the legislators (law makers) whether the Legislative Assembly (DUN) or the Parliament. PR can be categorized in two forms, namely:

1. General Election; and
2. Small Election

General Election
General Election was held every 5 years maturity which is when an elected government that had previously been achieved as stated in the Constitution of Malaysia. However, the Constitution and the rules allow the general election held earlier by the dissolution of Parliament or the Assembly first. General election (GE) 12th edition (the first time since the year 1959) was held on March 8, 2008, at about 4 years after the general election to the 11th. GE-11 was to be held on March 21, 2004.

Small Election
This election is not scheduled as the General Election. He held the vacant seat caused by the same representatives in the Assembly or Parliament. This vacancy occurs due to several factors such as the death of elected representatives (the most common cause) or elected representatives in the General Elections to resign for one reason or another.
However, small Elections can only be held if the next general election is still much to be competed within 60 days or 90 days of Peninsular Malaysia in Sabah and Sarawak, the date of the vacancy.
For example, assembly elections Permatang Pasir, Pulau Pinang, to be held on August 25 due to deaths later state assemblyman Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman of the Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS) on July 31, 2009.
Here is a list of election to the post-GE-12 due to the factors described above.
1. Parliamentary election Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang 2008 - MPs resign
2. Parliamentary election Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu 2009 - The death of the original MPs
3. Parliamentary election Bukit Gantang, Perak 2009 - the death of original MPs
4. State assembly election Bukit Selambau, Kedah 2009 - MPs resign
5. State assembly election Batang Ai, Sarawak 2009 - The death of the original MPs
6. State assembly election Penanti, Penang 2009 - MPs resign
7. Assembly election Manek Urai, Kelantan 2009 - The death of the original MPs
8. State assembly election Permatang Pasir, Pulau Pinang 2009 - The death of the original MPs
9. State assembly election Bagan Pinang, Negeri Sembilan 2009 - The death of the original MPs

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Most of the people of Malaysia is a middle class, where they are government employees or private employees. Some of them work as doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists and others. These groups are usually sensitive to current issues occurring in the State. As such, they represent the largest number of voters in Malaysia.
The middle class is also concerned about political matters and is often followed political developments from time to time. Thus, knowledge and observations that are consistent to the world of politics to give them the space to bring up the view and select the candidate who felt qualified to become elected representatives in governing the country. In addition, in line with technological developments, the use of social sites like facebook, twitter and skype is a medium that is often used in people to discuss political issues, whether positive or negative nature.
However, we can not shy away from political corruption or money. Similarly, the current political scenario in the country that is synonymous with corruption involving money aristocracy with another individual. This has led to a sense of dissatisfaction among the people against the government formed by the political currency in which they questioned the credibility of the election commission to address the issue of corruption among politicians. Election candidates usually use a lot of money for campaigning for closer attention while voters (citizens) to choose their representatives. Slogans, campaigns, banners, and parade of the candidate who represents a particular political party carried out in the general election if the general election or by-election.
Money is often abused by certain parties to exploit the minds of voters to elect their representatives in a contested area. They were given a reward for doing spoiled votes / plot. In addition, some people are willing to hire illegal immigrants to vote on them in order to win seats in the following areas. This was evident when the media reported the detention of two buses carrying passengers who are illegal immigrants by the authorities. After questioning, they were not having a valid permit and claimed to have hired the payment voucher to vote for a particular election. Thus, where transparency and fairness that should be given due attention from the authorities? Where is the integrity of the election results be announced? let us think.

Therefore, the government and non government should move along in addressing this issue. even seem to have an opinion and a different direction, they still have the same mission is to promote and ensure the stability of our economy remain strong by vision 2020. Therefore, both sides have advantages and disadvantages of each. For me, no one if they want to criticize the integrity of each other. But what is most important is the intention of the reprimand should be sincere and not embarrass the opponent. cooperation between the two sides and keep an open mind to accept criticism and suggestions from the opposite party is the most important element in ensuring that solutions can be implemented effectively.
It is better if the government doing their job properly, the government would not support their actions, and vice versa. In addition, the government also should provide opportunities for non-government parties to jointly govern the country as well as to assist the government to explore and understand the problems often experienced by people. If both parties in a fair contest in the election, it adds little to passive voters' confidence has not gone to vote and vote for discharging their responsibilities and rights for the welfare and prosperity of this country. Transparency and justice are upheld during and after the election would guarantee the country free of political money and to ensure prosperity and democratic nation will be preserved. Thus, there is no longer any party that will fight in the state of grievances against each of the democratic system. The attitude of concern for national development should also be applied to the present generation because they are the future leaders of coatings.

In addition, the role of the media are also important in advertising the date of the elections in this country. This is to avoid the attitude of the people who do not take care of Elections held at the General Election or no election. This is due to attitudes and perceptions of people on the electoral system of which was found to be transparent and fair manner with widespread cases of money politics is every time an election was held this because many of the people who do not wish to register as voters and give them the right to determine the future of the country. In addition, the behaviour of some representatives of the candidates are not sincere and just empty lip service as well as votes to lure citizens / voters with the money factor also contributed to the negative perspective of the voters of the transparency of the democratic system. . Therefore, the people of the opinion that they choose a leader who will not be able to make changes and development of administrative structures, as they expect the State.

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