The Role Of Academic Library And The Difference Between Scholarly And Peer Journals

The Role Of Academic Library And The Difference Between Scholarly And Peer Journals

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This paper will reveal the importance of information literacy and how acquiring research skills that develop best practices are critical to finding reliable information. I will discuss the role of the Academic Library and the difference between scholarly and peer journals. I will help the reader understand how I evaluated recommended databases in order to choose a topic of study for my doctoral program at Northcentral University.
Education has become a way of life for me. My interest lie in the fundamentals of leadership development, teaching, and the purpose of higher education. The impact higher education has on the development of leaders and why it is important for students to pursue higher education is the focus of my interest. I am also interested in the how the principal’s role impacts student achievement, education as a resource for social innovation, and early childhood education. Key words used in my search for information were leadership, mission, teaching, school improvement, and education. Becoming literate through the use of information literacy was a new concept for me. In reviewing the tutorial I was introduced to terminology that was not available to me prior to my participation in the doctoral program at Northcentral. The most interesting concept I read during this process was found in the Northcentral Library Information Literacy Tutorial (2015). The phrase, “stealing intellectual property,” stood out to me. This phrase according to the tutorial means taking someone’s work and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism, which is the same thing.
The library tutorial was helpful in pointing out what resources to use and how to use them, but I found the tutorials too long. I believe if a...

... middle of paper ...

...e experience or set of activities during college affect student learning and personal development one way or the other; rather, what is most important to college impact is the nature and breadth of a student’s experiences over an extended period.
Finally, through this assignment I have learned the importance of knowing how to find resources that are reliable and researched based. The NCU Library has a wealth of information available for students in all fields of study. Through the EBSCO database I used limiters to narrow my search. I learned the difference between scholarly and peer-reviewed articles and the importance of using key words when searching a topic. The Academic Library may not have an impact on what and how students learn, but I believe it is the gateway to acquiring new knowledge, when working independently on an online course of study.

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