The Role Of Academia And Social Issues Essay examples

The Role Of Academia And Social Issues Essay examples

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I was born in Mobile, AL. My date of birth is January 4, 1979. I was raised in San Diego, California. Most of my life I have been surrounded by a diverse culture of people. The role of academia and social issue are two topics I will be discussing personal experiences about my intellectual autobiography. Therefore, I have been inspired by educators in my community to discover a new path to improve education. Social issues has impacted economic and housing developments, jobs, and environmental resources. My career path will led me to teach, counsel, help foster families in need, and improve the community I live in.
The role of academia has evolved around in society to be a better citizen. Education is an important part of my future. As I come closer to receiving my degree, I can certain understand the value of being self-directed, motivated, appreciative to live in the United States. I understand that everyone is not privileged to attend a state university or college. I respect the hardships my parents have sacrificed for me to live in a better tomorrow.
Education has changed drastically, especially with different school systems wanted to be their own district. I recall attending school nine months out the year. My academics were high, social problems were reduced, and families were able to go to work. Now, schools are closing down, due to low numbers in population, lack proof of residence, and immunization records. Universities and state colleges are needed assistance in funding. Academia allows me to explore many varied disciplines, such as social sciences, humanities, history, and fine arts. Every day education is changing. History is repeating itself.
Education has evolved by using technology in the cla...

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...will reduce families from committing crimes to provide for their families. Some many children are affected by a high crime rate. I was thankful to be a part of the YMCA. I was affected my Hurricane Katrina, which left me dependent to ask for assistance through FEMA and the Red Cross agencies.

Although other social issues impact the way I live, I grateful for the men and women who fought for my civil rights. I would like to see a change how children are placed in foster care, band battered persons seeking rehabilitation from domestic violence, and solutions to high rate in people abusing our elderly. I do volunteer at the Salvation Army from time to time. The social problems are massive. I always ask myself, as rich as the United States, why are there so many people without jobs, homes, and food. Through education, I can learn to create a healthy environment.

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