Essay about The Role Of A Human Resource Manager

Essay about The Role Of A Human Resource Manager

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There are many career paths that can be taken when it comes to making the decision to pursuing a career in human resource manager. It is thought from some people that the job of a human resource manager is simply hiring, firing, and the paper work side of the house within an organization. This is definitely not the entire role of a human resource manager. The multiple roles of a HRM has become one of the most integrated and complex roles of any organization. Beyond the many roles of a human resource manager, organizations depend on HRM to develop and device plans that will assist in the overall success of that organization.
There are many branches to look at when considering human resources management. HRM is unique due to the fact that one is not only assisting and advising human resources but directly working with all employees within that company. It is easier to make a choice on HRM careers, when one knows what their interests are. For example, if traveling the world is of interest then becoming an ‘International Human Resources Professional’ might be of interest because of the traveling aspects. HRM careers should be viewed as a job that has multiple paths to choose from like: Training & Development Manager, Employee Education Consultant, Human Resource Entrepreneur, Human Resources IT Specialist and Nonprofit Human Resources Expert, just to name a few (10 Best Careers for Human Resources Professions, 2016). As this shows, HRM has moved beyond just sitting behind a desk but now has different choices that make HRM careers an exciting path to take. Although, being involved in the HRM field is a great choice for a career, some forget that by choosing HRM one plays many vital roles for an organization.
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...sion is wrote out and that the organization wants to uphold. If everybody within the company is on the same page and understands the mission, that would create a common goal. An organization cannot look towards a successful future unless they create a well-thought plan.
Human Resource Management has changed over the years. This career field is no longer viewed as just another office job but a job that is diverse. The roles of human resource management are not just simply creating a paper trail for an organization but working with both management teams and every employee. The role has changed in becoming one of the most valued and respected positions. Even helping management put together a strategic business plan, that will help in the overall success of the organization. HRM careers have become a position, which anyone would be fortunate to obtain.

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