Role as Nora's Awakener Essay

Role as Nora's Awakener Essay

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Henrik Ibsen, a prominent nineteenth century Norwegian playwright, is known as “The Father of Modern Drama”. He incorporates major themes in his work such as, self-realization, idealism, guilt, allusion, conflict between art and life. Such themes can be observed in his novel “ A Doll’s House”, where the main character, Nora Helmer, comes to the conclusion that she is not a doll, but rather her own person. The significance behind the ending of the play is that it showed how Nora has matured and opened her eyes to the discrepancies within her marriage and Norwegian cultural in all. A women’s place was in the home where she is expected to fulfill her motherly and wife duties. So when Nora became aware of her ‘true’ identity it definitely reflected Ibsen’s technique. With the use of Mrs. Linde, a minor character, Ibsen was able to allow the play to end in the fashion that it did. Mrs. Linde was the catalyst.

At the beginning of a dolls house, Nora seems completely happy. She affectionately to Torvalds teasing,in which throughout the play he referred to her as his “little skylark”.She also takes pleasure in the company of her children and friends. She does not seem to be bothered by her doll-like behaviors, for she is pampered, patronized and coddled.How ever the conflict surrounding the play is the issue of Nora’s forged signature when taking the loan that would aid Torvald’s medical operation. Afterwards, with Torvald’s promotion, Nora is blackmailed by Krogstad whom promised to inform Torvald of the Nora’s transgression. Furthermore, Mrs. Linde is Characterized as being a dedicated and courageous woman. Although woman at the time had minimal independence, was still able to make a living for her self and her family. In comparis...

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...her individuality, to reclaim her humanity. Clearly, Mrs. Linde plays an integral part to Nora’s transformation from the doll wife, who plays skylarks and squirrels with her husband, to the woman determined to discover her real potential as a person. Were it not for Mrs.Linde’s example and her actions, Nora might not have awakened to reality and remained Torvald’s doll in the Helmer dollhouse.Additionally,Ibsen’s purpose for ending the play that way, is to further emphasize his discontent with the idea that women should be exclusively associated with their homes. He wanted to defy the statues quo of what it meant to be a women in Norway during the ninetieth century. Using Mrs. Linde was his affective technique to achieve that.

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