Essay on Robots And The Space Of Space Exploration

Essay on Robots And The Space Of Space Exploration

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Robots have done most of exploring in space. The moon and also the earth are the only planets that humans can get to. On the other hand, robots can get to locations in outer space such as the Moon, Venus, Mars, Titan, including Jupiter, and also a few comets and asteroids. Robots can travel further and faster, as well as returning more scientific data than missions that include humans. Robots, definitely, have and will continue to contribute to our understanding of the Universe today. Space robots can be divided into two types: ROV and RMS, ROV is (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and the other is the RMS (Remote Manipulator System). According to Robots in Space by Nicholos Wethington “, the most famous robots in space have to be the series of orbiters, rovers and landers that have been sent to Mars.” After all, robots are very helpful in the space exploration, and they will be more helpful in the future. (WETHINGTON, 2010)
Remotely Operated Vehicles are used in locations that may cause a threat to human life; they are used in nuclear facilities for inspection and repair (ROBOTS IN SPACE, NASA FACTS, NF-165/7-91, by Jerry Woodfill). The ROV are often remote-controlled spacecraft that remains in flight. It can also be a lander that produces contact with an extraterrestrial body and operates from a stationary position, or a rover that can move over terrain once it is landed. According to the same article by Jerry Woodfill. ” The most common type of existing robotic device is the crane-like RMS (Remote Manipulator System), or robot arm, most often used in industry and manufacturing.” It can do a lot of the movements of the human arm; it can do a 360-degree circular motion at the wrist. This type of robot (Remote Manipulator System) has t...

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...ontrolled boat intended for military use by Nicola Tesla. The development of military robots can consider about US Mechatronics which has created or developed a working automated sentry gun and is presently developing it further for commercial as well as military use. As far as military robots development is concerned, we cannot forget MIDARS which is a four-wheeled military robot. There are many advantages of the military robots is that they have the capability to perform missions remotely in the field, the second advantage is that they have capability to perform a safety mission but it’s all goes to the one who’s in control, if he did it safe or not. But military robots don’t have any danger towards human lives, and they provide the element of protection. The robots that are used in the military called Daksh, Goalkeeper, PackBot, and the last robot called MARCbot.

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