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Poetry by Robert Creeley: Similarities and Differences
Robert Creeley, a famous American poet, lived from 1926 to 2005. Creeley was normally associated as a Black Mountain poet because that is where he taught, and spent most of his career. Throughout his life, Creeley wrote many different pieces of poetry. Four great poems by Robert Creeley are, “For Love”, “Oh No”, “The Mirror”, and “The Rain”. The poem “For Love”,was written by Creeley for his wife. In this poem Creeley explains, the love someone has for another person, and how complicated it is making his life because the person doesn’t know how to explain their love. “Oh No” is a poem that is literally about a selfish person who ended up in hell, but this poem has a deeper meaning. Part of the meaning is revealed from the title being “Oh No” which reveals that what the poem is talking about is a place that most people would want to avoid. “The Mirror” is about judging oneself, and wanting to change because of what other people have said. “The Rain” is about having a feeling of uncertainty about what might happen next unlike rain which falls in a consistent manner, and helps the world wake up. Together, these poems by Robert Creeley have several things alike. For instance, similarities can be found in their structure, and the irony shown. Even though the four poems are written by the same author, and have similarities, they also have differences. These differences include: theme, and tone.
Throughout the poems many different similarities can be found. One very obvious similarity throughout most of these poems is the way they are structured. Three out of the four poems are constructed of many stanzas, with each of the stanzas being four lines long. These poems are s...

... middle of paper ... can be found that something different is taught throughout each one. In the poem ‘For Love” the is about love. The theme is, love is a feeling, it is not something that a person can touch, it is hard to describe, and to understand. In the article, “On ‘For Love” the author states, “He is unable to make a statement about love which is both valid and useful to him” (Edelberg, Cynthia). This can be seen in the poem from lines 19 to 21, the poem says, “That is love yesterday / or tomorrow, not / now.” This example shows that Creeley is stating that love can be different from day to day, therefore it is hard to describe and understand. The theme in the poem “Oh No” is people will eventually get what they deserve. This is explained in the first two lines, “If you wander far enough / you will come to it”(1-2). A person will find the consequences to their actions in time.

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