Robert Browning's My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover Essay

Robert Browning's My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover Essay

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Sometimes poets can write the most absurd and questionable things. Even though that their writing is questionable at times, it is still worth the read. It makes you think about criminals in a new way, but sometimes, it can go to a more negative view. Robert Browning, a man who might not have had a teacher, self-taught himself in his father’s six thousand book library decided to become a poet. One of the many poems that he wrote, My Last Duchess, is about a man whose wife just died and he is looking into a new woman to marry. The poem starts out by him talking to an agent who was hired by the father of the woman he wants to marry. He shows the agent a portrait of his late wife, and says many creepy and disturbing things which is validated, “A Duke guides a guest around his art collection, including a portrait of his dead wife, was one of Browning's first (and arguably best) brilliant attempts at a dramatic monologue.” (MacNeice, Louis). The other poem, Porphyria’s Lover which is also by Robert Browning, is also another odd poem. This one is about a man who is waiting for his girlfriend in a cottage, and when she finally shows up, he is mad at her. She knows this and sits by him and puts his head on her shoulder and says that she loves him, as if she had to do this a hundred times before. Except this time is different, he knew she was at a party with other men and even though she didn’t give into temptation this time, she always could. However, she says that she worships him. He eventually came up with a solution; he took her hair, wrapped it three times around her neck, kills her and then lays her head on his shoulder. There is obviously something off about these two speakers from these poems. The two speakers from Robert Browning’...

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...fferent attitudes about what they have done to their lovers. Both of these speakers are psychotic, however they do still have apparent sanity.

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