The River Merchants Wife : A Letter Essay

The River Merchants Wife : A Letter Essay

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Growing up physically is never easy, but what can be even more difficult is growing up mentally. As a child you tend to look at the world in a very innocent way until you have experienced hurt or sadness. In the Poem “The River-Merchants Wife: A letter” by Ezra Pond’s the narrator of the poems childhood was cut short when she was married at a young age and was forced to mature and adapt to her new chapter in her life as a married woman. When some unforeseen circumstances come up in life it can pose some challenges that make growing up mentally very difficult. Growing up in Ezra Pond’s “The River-Merchants Wife: A letter” oversees more than just the physical aspects of growing older. The poem deals with a deeper meaning of growing up mentally at a faster pace than our bodies.

The narrator in the poem “The River-Merchants Wife: A letter” goes through many big changes in her life at such a young age. She marries at age fourteen which causes her to mature a lot faster than other girls her age. Being married at such a young age, causes a lot of emotional stress then being married at an older age. “I never laughed, being bashful.” (line 8) shows that once she got married she left her joyful childhood behind, she sort of lost that playful spirit that she used to have while growing up. Another big change she experienced in her life was after her husband left her to go to Ku-to-yen she then had to learn to continue on with her life waiting for her husband to return, even though she doesn’t know when he’ll return or if he ever will return. These big changes in her life are a big part of what it means to “grow up” in the poem, without these changes the narrator would not be able to “grow up” and develop her own personal development.


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...the road blocks to continue her hope of eventually seeing her husband again. Without road blocks you would not be able to grow up. All the road blocks you face are all apart of what it means to grow up and the road blocks are also what makes you stronger.

Overall, the narrator of the poem grew up mentally at a very fast pace. Growing up mentally at a faster pace can be a very difficult challenge. The narrator soon realizes this at the age of fourteen. But because of the big changes, emotions and road blocks she faces throughout her life she realizes that those are all apart of what it means to “grow up”. Without big changes, emotions and road blocks in her life she would not be able to develop her own personal self. Growing up is all apart of life, both physically and mentally, but that is what makes life interesting and is apart of the complex lives we all live.

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