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The Rise Of The Naacp Essay

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The rise of the NAACP, was in effect long before the first members came together as a unit, the spirit of freedom was already being heard through the cries of those lynched, forced to endure public disgrace and ignorance through like of education, the American Negro. Before the first letter was typed, the spirit of writers such as August Meier, and John Hope Franklin were being purged through the blood of their fallen comrades. Yet being in the ground, their voices cry out what does it take for a black man to receive justice as free men. In the spirit of the rise of the NAACP, there were many challenges and obstacles they had to confront, lynching, the Jim Crow laws and educating newly freed slaves of their worth in this hostile society. It is my hope that the voices of Moorfield Storey, Mary White Ovington ans W.E.B. Du Bois will show the validity of the NAACP as a platform to the success of people of color, yesterday, today and whenever needed.
In mid- August 1908, in Springfield Illinois there was a report that a white woman had been assaulted in her home by a black man, shortly afterward, a second report came in stating there was an assault on another white woman by a black man. These incidents coming within hours of each other inflamed a large white mob. The Springfield police arrested Joe James for the first offence, and George Richardson for the second, meanwhile the gathering mob met at the county courthouse ready to lynch the two men in custody. Not able to get to the men the sheriff had in custody, the mob turn their attention on two other black men in the area. Scott Burton and William Donegan where taken by the angry mob and were quickly lynched. This angry mob violence spread throughout the community and the city lim...

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...he newly freed black males and females, they could be lynched for just about anything, for example, a newly freed slave could be lynched for being unpopular in the community, for refusing to work when asked, for causing harm to livestock, which was considered more valuable. If they were accused of any crime major or minor they could be lynched without representation, this was not just a southern problem, but a national problem. The NAACP got involved publicly by the lynching of Jesse Washington of Waco, Texas.
He was a young black man accused of raping a white woman, Mr. Washington was ushered into court, forced to sign a confession, taken to a public square, where he was strip naked, lynched and his body set on fire. The spectacle was celebrated by the whole town, businesses where shut down, schools were close, to participate in this event, including the children.

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