The Rise Of Christianity : Christianity Essay

The Rise Of Christianity : Christianity Essay

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The Rise of Christianity
Christianity is one of the largest ancient religion in the world. It was a small part of the Judaism at the beginning, and it grew up very quickly in the later hundreds of years.
The Roman rule caused some conflicts and unrest in Judaea. These native factors also helped the spreading of Christianity in that anxiety age. Augustus appointed Herod as the king of the Judaea and kept the stability, but the Jews were still hated the king. After his death, the situation became worse, such as Jews hated the Roman tax collectors (publicans).[ Page 156] The early Christians were extremists. They were crazy about worshiping of Yahweh and refused to pay the tax. And the religion was not open to everyone. That is a limitation on that time. Besides, by the development of Romans, they unified the Mediterranean which created the objective conditions for the spreading of Christianity. The peace and stable conditions, and two main official languages: Latin and Greek which facilitated the rising of Christianity.
People tried to change the condition, then the Jesus appeared. The four gospels of new testament recorded Jesus’ life and teachings, which was finished by Jesus’ first follower after he dead. The gospels were used to build a community of faith centered on Jesus.[ Page 157] Jesus’ teaching had many different texts, but some certain things that all agree on: “he preached of eternal happiness in a life after death.” Jesus taught on his own name, instead of Yahweh.[ Page 158] He told his apostles that he would save those people who came to him. And the Christianity encouraged the peace and order. Thus, ordinary people or poor were following his Jesus and helped each other. That is why the Christianity could spread so fa...

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...e new capital. It did have good effects on the spreading of Christianity and reduce the power of pagans. In 380, the commander Theodosius made Nicene Christianity the official religion and stripped Roman pagan temples of statues.[ Page 171] He also gave the rights to church to establish its own law “canon law”.[ Page 171] During this period, the Christianity reached the peak in its development. The churches got the independence in the later years. Since then it got more power on itself.[ Page 171]
In conclusion, Christianity was spread in the dramatic ways. Roman created a very appropriate conditions and policies to the religion. And Christianity did not miss any chances to keep changing and accommodating each step until it became the most significant institution in the Western. The leaders and followers used their wisdom to help Christianity spreading over the world.

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