The Right And Left Hippocampus Essay

The Right And Left Hippocampus Essay

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Forgetting ideas in opportune moments, or losing facts for an important test, It can be very difficult and frustrating to forget, but how about losing information, forever. Having a bad memory is scratching the surface of everyday life for someone with a defective hippocampus. The hippocampus is part of the brain that deals with memory and on forming and sorting memories. The details of the right and left hippocampus, which lie in the limbic system of the brain have been studied to great detail by neuroscientist. The importance of mild stress is examined by many brain scientist as a good thing, but the effect of chronic stress on a person’s hippocampus was described as negative, and able to leave the two hippocampi damaged. Hippocampal damage results in the loss of new memories, facts and ideas(Sapolsky).
“The hippocampus is a brain structure which lies under the medial temporal lobe. There is one hippocampi on each side of the brain, it is sometimes grouped with other nearby structures including the dentate gyrus” (Myers). The hippocampus is an important part of the brain for memory and learning because it acts as a gateway for new memories. It is involved in storing, sorting and forming memories (Kuwana). All new memories must pass through it before they can become a permanent memory in the gray matter, also known as the cerebral cortex. So what can damage or delete memories.
Glucocorticoids can cause anti-inflammatory activity which can have the ability to damage hippocampal neurons. The aging of neurons is due to the GCs long term exposure to high levels of glucocorticoid, it increases the aging process of the hippocampus. It will use the neurons vulnerability to impair their energy metabolism which it is affected greatly to...

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...emory can be retrieved when a person needs it. If a human brain has a hard time retrieving information it is theoretically stated sleep will help the consolidation of episodic and emotional content into a long term memory (Cherry).
Knowing how memories are sorted, form, and damaged through the hippocampus is interesting. The exposure to GCs was discussed, it was explained that GCs can affect the energy metabolism and interrupt the neurons in the left and right hippocampi. Later Episodic memory was described as memory of place and time, also its effect in the limbic system. The purpose for each hippocampi was stated and the opposite memory types in each were discussed along with the right and left hippocampi. The final topic of this paper was memory consolidation . The details on short term and long term memory were brought up as well the consolidation process itself.

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