Richard Halliburton : An American Traveler Essay

Richard Halliburton : An American Traveler Essay

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Richard Halliburton was born on January 9, 1900 in Brownsville, Tennessee. He was an American traveler, adventurer, and author. Halliburton attended Memphis University and Lawrenceville school during his childhood. Upon graduating Lawrenceville school, Halliburton was the chief editor of The Lawrence. Princeton University was his post secondary choice. In 1919, Halliburton left college temporarily to travel to England and explore historic places around the area. Arriving back to the United States to finish school, he desired to investigate the world and what it had to offer. In 1921, Halliburton graduated from Princeton University and rejected the regular steps a person would take--marriage, family, and a steady job. He liked the ways of bachelorhood, the youthful adventures and the thrill of the unknown. Because of success with an article that was submitted to Field and Stream magazine, it sparked his choice of career path-- travel and travel writing as an occupation. Halliburton would make a living by selling books about his travels and adventures around the world. His first attempt at writing a book failed and was rejected 10 times by different publishers. At this time, Halliburton was sharing his adventures in front of audiences young and old which started his way to fame. Publisher Bobbs-Merrill, heard one of the lectures and accepted Halliburton’s first book--The Royal Road to Romance-- making the bestsellers list. In 1927 The Glorious Adventure was published. Halliburton’s third book was published in 1929. This book included his famous swim across the Panama Canal and payed the lowest toll in history of 36 cents. Aviator Moye Stephens accompanied Halliburton on his Flying Carpet Expedition. This adventure took 18 months to ...

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