Essay on Review Of ' The ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

Essay on Review Of ' The ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Luke sits above me on the banister, I sit below. I look up and smile at his sweet baby like face. “Hey,” he says, smiling back down at me. “Come join me,” he says and it gives me butterflies in my stomach. I reach up and pull myself up, sitting as close to him as I dare.

As Kevin starts climbing up to join me I ask him “How is the rest of the band doing?” “They are doing really well. I think this year is going to be great,” he says as he settles down close to me. “Yea, I wish I could spend more time with you… and the band, of course,” I say with too big of a pause. “Yea, I wish that we had time.” All I can think about right now is him. As he speaks I watch his lips. “So when are you leaving for college?” “Not for another two months. Why,” I respond, still staring at him, though I have moved up to his eyes. So beautiful and observant. He always has those crazy eyes. “Well… I was wondering if we could go get some pizza sometime, maybe talk about the show… or other things.” Oh my god. Did… Did that just happen.

“... Or other things,” I say, now only watching Luke. “I don’t think I have anything going on Saturday. I think it’s a great idea.” “Great, I can’t wait,” I say, inching a little closer. He apparently notices and puts his arm around me. This simple gesture…of Friendship? I almost hope not, and that it’s something a little more… sends shivers up and down my spine. I hope he can’t hear my heart beating, or sense all the butterflies in my stomach. I look at him and he is just gazing, watching everyone who is at this kick off party. He notices me watching him and looks at me.

I turn, sensing that someone is looking at me. I look at Kevin and see is blue-green eyes staring at me. I look at his...

... middle of paper ... door open and the lights come on. We stop and open our eyes and stare like deer at eachother.

“Quick! Turn on the light then pretend to be playing the piano,” I said. “But why would it have sounded that bad?” he asked, and I could only assume he was referring to when I had him pressed against the piano keys. “Just play it cool,” I finished saying, right before Ed unlocked and opened the door. “So what if it was this. Oh hey, Natasha,” Kevin said as she walked in. “What in heavens are you doing?” she asked. “We just wanted to work out some music for Lucas. But, uh, we have to go now. C’mon Kevin,” I answered as we basically run out of the room.

“What music?” I try to say before Luke and Kevin head out the door. They really act suspicious sometimes. Kinda like at the kickoff. I wonder why, I think to myself as I watch the doors close behind them.

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