Review Of ' Adventure Of A Lifetime ' Essay

Review Of ' Adventure Of A Lifetime ' Essay

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One tradition that has made every country different is its culture. A culture represents and creates the country’s history and traditions. From the hard working environment in China to the laid-back lifestyle in America, these are some examples of unique cultures. Even with different lifestyles, travelers can experience the hardships that occur while traveling. One article “ Adventure of a lifetime” demonstrated these difficulties when a family moved from America to Peru and their struggles during their transition. During their stay, Lawrence brought her children to experience a new country that was different from America. Some complex situation that arises while making a step in their new culture is the adjustment to the new environment and the language barrier; however, it opened up their minds to the vast world that they live. Even with our expansive world, adjusting to a new environment is troublesome by how Lawrence’s children reacted to the new changes.
With many different countries and previous habits of their respected country, adjusting to a new country can be challenging. In her travels to South America, Lawrence decided to bring her children along to see how life was in Peru. While her children were used to their previous standards at an American school, they noticed that guidelines were different in Peru as they “[were] not allowed to have wet hair, your top button unbuttoned, talk, or even move during class”(Bastoni). As opposed to the American class setting that allows one to talk and even in some instances have no uniform, the children did not follow these new rules and did not want to be here. Even in some other cases, the children realized that “There’s a lot more counterfeit money here” and “tried to give the ...

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...nderful city and part of those memories stayed. After returning to America, I knew that I expanded upon my knowledge of the world and became culturally aware of everyone around me. Lawrence has significantly understood this notion and also took it upon herself to travel. By understanding a different culture and living in one, it substantially supports and increase one’s knowledge of this world.
While making a new leap into a new culture and its language, it shows the amount of knowledge needed to adapt to a new culture. While it is not necessarily easy to make changes and gain new habits, it benefits outweighs the struggles. This event also increases one’s cultural awareness towards other countries as well as their own. As a result, it should be ultimately necessary to make an effort to understand and be aware of the different cultures that are offered around for us.

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