Response Paper On The First Presidential Debate

Response Paper On The First Presidential Debate

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In the first presidential debate the two candidates used an ideograph in attempts to connect with a certain population. The ideograph that they used were use were “Latino” and “Hispanic.” Each of these ideographs has its own history. The ideographs are problematic because of their horizontal pull.
The debate where the terms were said was focused on the major challenges that the future president would face. This specific section of the debate was about how the President would deal with police brutality against the black community. They started off talking about the black population, but then incorporated all of the people that were victims of police brutality. This brought up the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic.” Donald used the term “Hispanic” and Hillary used the term “Latino.” Their political affiliation had a great deal on influencing on their choice of words.
These words are ideographs and have a history that has created their current definition. McGee said “So my pure thought about liberty, religion, and property is clouded, hindered, made irrelevant by the existence in history of the ideograph (McGee 6).” Ideographs guide people’s beliefs and each of the terms used by the candidates were targeting a specific demographic. “Hispanic is more to the political right and “Latino” is more to the political left (Shorris xvi).”
The reason that Republicans prefer Hispanic is because of who created it. Hispanic was created by the Spanish Empire as a way of claiming the people that were once colonized by Spain. He was aware of term Latino but Spain had an ethic group named Landino. The king thought it would be too confusing so he created Hispanic (Alcoff 403). Republicans value those in power, which is why they prefer th...

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...ty. The Census defines Native American as tribes from Canada and the United States only. The definition of Native American strip most people with native origins from Latin America and the Caribbean of their nativity. If the government allowed them to identify as Native American it would boost in Native American population. This could potentially lead to a Native American social movement that would greatly impact the power imbalance in the United States.
The ideographs that were used by the presidential candidates have a deep history that is built on making people others. The ideographs were created in order to diminish peoples’ diverse ancestry. A new term must be created by the people being othered instead of using a term created by the dominant group. This would grant the disenfranchised group access to address racial issues that are silence by the blanket terms.

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