Respect for Children: Stop Bullying in Schools Essay

Respect for Children: Stop Bullying in Schools Essay

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The human race is connected to this earth. Humans, being part of nature, need to nurture the life of, and on, this planet. With this in mind, a prerequisite for society should incorporate the comprehension of, respect for human life. Parents and family are the key sources to supply lessons in respect for humanity, and schools are equally important, as the key secondary source. Although many people think the core curriculum is rigorous enough for students, the basic four classes in math, language, history, and science are not enough for children to function fully, or adequately, as conscientious and considerate member of society. Thus, parents and members of the community must bring this vital undertaking of social acceptance to fruition. It is imperative for citizens of the United States insist Congress to construct an educational reform updating the school’s core curriculum incorporating classes in respect for humanity, in order to educate the whole child, and ensure the safety of students. If each state requests emphasis within their schools on teaching respect for human life, there will be less violence in, and outsidschools. For this reason, respect for human life, must be a key component within the core curriculum.
In 1999, a massacre occurred at Columbine High School in Colorado. On that terrifying day, two male teen-age students garbed in trench coats rampaged through the school carrying loaded guns with intentions to shoot and kill others, and themselves. These two boys were for years victims of previous bullying. Nevertheless, part of their intent that day was for retaliation against those who previously disrespected, and bullied them. This horrific day brought awareness, that school safety needed ameliorati...

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...ceptance as its key components, these classes will not detract from family heritage, or religious beliefs. Education in schools need respect for human life classes as part of the core curriculum, along with math, language, history, and science for educational excellence which provides the essential skills to become a well-balanced person.

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