Essay on Research Study And Do A Brief Critique

Essay on Research Study And Do A Brief Critique

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Identify the parts of the research study and do a brief critique using the questions below. You are carefully examining all aspects of a study to judge its merits, limitations, meaning, and significance, in other words you have to know enough to know: Do I have a gem or a piece of junk? (Read: Grove, et al., 2013, pp. 454-462)

Yes or No answer is not sufficient. You have to justify or explain your answers.
Grade will be based on accuracy and clarity of your answers to the questions.

A. Introduction/PROBLEM identification, statement of PURPOSE and specific
aims (WHY was this study done?) (35%)
1. Was the problem clearly identified with sufficient background to understand
why the research was worth doing?

The problem is that although the nursing profession exists to improve health, nurses have failed the adoption of healthy lifestyles in the United States. Part of the problem is that nurses fail to personally value healthy behaviors. The author emphasizes that nurses have a significant role in promoting heath, but when they fail to live healthy life styles, they may also fail to teach those practices to their patients. Furthermore, nurse’s health and health behaviors have been linked to job performance and retention.

2. Did the investigator clearly state the purpose (or aims, goals, research questions, or
Hypotheses) of the project?

The purpose of this quantitative study was to investigate relationships among health
status, healthy lifestyles, and six dimensions of nurse self-concept of professional nurses.

3. Did the author indicate what knowledge will be generated by the project and
why it is relevant to nursing?

Knew knowledge will be generated about nurses’ (both those who integrate healthy behaviors into the...

... middle of paper ...

...procedures adequately described so that a replication
study could be conducted? Who collected the data?

Data collection was adequately described and a replication study could be conducted. Participants were asked to return the questionnaires directly to the researcher, so the article implies that the researcher himself collected the data.

7. Were the data analysis methods (statistical tests) consistent with the research
Questions, aims, hypotheses and study design?

Yes, data analysis methods (statistical tests) were consistent with the research aims and questions. Only questionnaires that were at least 90% complete were included in the analysis. Data was analyzed using SPSS, version 16, for Windows. Bivariate correlations were used to answer the research questions. Significant relationships were classified as strong (r ≥ .5), medium (r ≥ .3), or weak (r ≥ .1).

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