Schizophrenia Case Study: Janet's Mental Condition

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Schizophrenia Case Study According to (Barlow, 2001), Schizophrenia is a psychological or mental disorder that makes the patient recognize real things and to have abnormal social behavior. Schizophrenia is characterized by symptoms such as confused thinking, hallucinations, false beliefs, demotivation, reduced social interaction and emotional expressions (Linkov, 2008). Diagnosis of this disorder is done through observation of patient’s behavior, and previously reported experiences (Mothersill, 2007). In this paper, therefore, my primary goal is to discuss Schizophrenia and how this condition is diagnosed and treated.

The precipitating stressor event that probably triggered the onset of Janet 's schizophrenic episode. What other
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At first when Janet behaved strangely during her adolescent stage, she changed back to normal as her behaviors were accommodated by those surrounding, mostly her parents. But when Janet, when to school her behavior, deteriorated because of environmental shift. In the case study, it had also been mentioned that that Janet’s rigidity, flexibility and anxiety of her coping mechanisms were intact when Janet stayed at home. Conversely, things changed when Janet went to school and left the family support and safety of home’s environment. From this information, we can deduce that environmental factors caused Janet 's condition. At home, Janet was able to cope with emotions than at school. This fact is the reason Janet behaved strangely and hallucinated when she imagined of a botched affair with Dr. M due to his wife’s interference. Janet felt unsafe due to her unfamiliarity with the school environment. The fantasies she started having while at school made her see “real”…show more content…
A primary delusion is sometimes referred to as a real or a genuine delusion. Delusions are typically derived from deception. A delusional person sees and interprets things in radically different forms. Janet must have been suffering from a delusional perception whereby she saw things and understood them conversely. Janet’s primary delusion appears first when she imagines being loved by Dr. M, a prominent person. She fails to attend classes except those of Dr. M, Janet also desists from being taken home by her parents. She saw her parents as people sent to massacre her by Dr. Ms wife; in reality this is not true. Janet fears Dr. Ms wife since she has a misperception that Dr. Ms wife is baying for her blood after getting information that Janet is in love with his husband. In reality, all these are not true but delusional. Also, when hospitalized Janet sees the hospital staff as agents who have been sent by Dr. Ms wife to finish her. Little, did she know that she was undergoing treatment for her psychotic
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