Renewable Energy As Solar And Wind Energy Essay

Renewable Energy As Solar And Wind Energy Essay

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As fossil fuel resources shrink, air pollution and concerns about climate instability worsen and cast a shadow over future dependence on coal, oil and natural gas. A new world economy driven by renewable energies such as solar and wind energy are beginning to replace the old, unsustainable economic model driven by coal and oil consumption. Types of renewable energies such as solar and wind are becoming more economically viable, and undercutting fossil fuels in a growing number of electricity markets. A study by the Danish government published in July 2014 projects that new wind farms coming online in 2016 will supply electricity at half of the cost compared to their current coal and natural gas plants (Think Global Green, 2015). The transition to an economy based entirely on renewable energy is both desirable and now practically doable in Canada within a reasonably short time-frame (two to three decades).
Scientists have been indicating for decades that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from burning coal, oil and natural gas are threatening the global climate. The increased levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are raising the Earth’s temperature – consequences of this include melting ice sheets and glaciers, rising sea level and changing weather patterns such as worsening droughts and storms in certain areas. Many countries are becoming more aware of the data being presented and are signaling fast-moving shifts from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. The burning of coal is declining in many European countries and in the United States coal use decreased 18% from 2007 to 2013 (EIA, 2013). Since gas reserves are limited and new wells are being rapidly depleted, oil companies are facing...

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...t of global warming due to widespread use of fossil fuels continues to grow. Furthermore, the political and social conditions are now at hand in Canada to achieve this, and if not started now, conditions may change in the future, particularly if a less progressive government returns to Canada. By creating a plan to convert our existing types of non-renewable energy to renewable types we will also demonstrate for the rest of the world how this is a better and cleaner option towards a sustainable future. The time is now at hand for Canada to transition to an economy based entirely on renewable energy. It is both desirable and now practically doable in Canada within a reasonably short time-frame (two to three decades). The long term health and economic benefits of achieving this are clear, while the consequences of not doing so are almost too bleak to contemplate.

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