Religion's Influence on Civilizations Essay

Religion's Influence on Civilizations Essay

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Throughout time religion has influenced civilizations in a range of aspects. For instance, Catholicism influenced kings and nations in ancient Europe in the similar manner Polytheism influenced the Rome Empire. Religion has the power to cause wars, such as the Catholic Crusades. It also holds the power to mask the intentions of people.
The Polytheistic ideals that Roman Empire abide by bestowed a shroud for the Patricians to hide behind in questionable situations; such as when demanding resources or waging war against foreign countries. Later in history the Catholic Church motivated a set of “Holy Wars” known as the Crusades. Fulcher of Chartres transcribed the events of the First Crusade in “Chronicle of the First Crusade”; in these chronicles he provides evidence to the greed of the people who participated in this expedition. The greed and envy of the Catholic Church are seen once again in the Second Crusade to retake back land lost to the Muslims, which were recorded in “Eugene III: Summons to A Crusade”. St. Bernard of Clairvaux was the leader of the Knight Templar, a religious military organization that worked for the Catholic Church which participated in the later crusades. His speech to the Knight Templars,” In Praise of the New Knighthood” shows how he kindle the moral the members together under the name of God to do his work.
During the reign of the Roman Empire, they practiced Polytheism. This encompasses the idea of different Gods for different aspects of what they knew, for instance the Mars the God of war or Jupiter the king of all Gods. The Romans worshipped these Gods and many more for guidance, health, wealth and anything else under the sun. The people came to idea they as a nation had some divine right to anyt...

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...f Pope Urban II. The Turks were expanding their land into the Catholic Church reach; this new fear of even more land loss to the Turks as well as the ideal of claiming Jerusalem for the Catholic Church lead to the start of the First Crusade a “Holy War.” This land never belonged to any European country, yet the Church deemed it fit for the European countries to capture it as well as the lands in between. Pope Urban II called back all the churches bishops and abbots back to Vatican. Once these religious leaders returned back to the Vatican, the Pope made a decree to them, “‘Concerning this Affair, I, with Suppliant prayer – not I, but the Lord – exhort you, heralds of Christ, to persuade all of whatever class, both knight and footmen, both rich and poor, in numerous edicts, to strive to help expel that wicked face from our Christian lands before it is too late.’”

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