Religion Dominated All Aspects Of Life From Architecture, Literature, Art And Music

Religion Dominated All Aspects Of Life From Architecture, Literature, Art And Music

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Religion dominated all aspects of life from architecture, literature, art and music. The dominant religion during this period was Christianity. The middle ages saw “the emergence … of Christian literary forms… a popular religious culture centered around processions, icons, and relics” (George Holmes 42).
The crusades were wars fought in the name of God or holy wars. The first of the crusades began in 1095 when Pope Urban the second received an appeal for help from Alexius the first, the Byzantine Emperor. Alexius wanted Urbans’ help against the Turks, “a race alienated from God”. It was seen as ones Christian duty to fight against these infidels. The church offered material advantages to those who chose to join the Crusades, to save Christian shrines and lands from Muslims. It was also preached, by renowned clergymen that men who joined would have more favor with God. St. Bernard said about the crusades “Rejoice…if you live and conquer in the Lord, but exalt and glory even more if you die and join the Lord” (H.G. Koenigsberger 187). The crusades brought many benefits; food, textiles and also the spread of Islamic science and art, which would greatly benefit Europe who, was somewhat behind.
The quest for knowledge was rejuvenated with the growth of cathedral schools. However church schools could only teach so much. Universities grew due to the formation of guilds of teachers and pupils and also because of finance from the church and the wealthy. The University of Paris was the largest of its time specializing in liberal arts. These schools sparked a return to philosophy. Scholastism was the philosophy of the church, where the church and its teachings were the ultimate authority. However philosophical disputes soon arose, this was ...

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...and then led to spoken drama or plays. Medieval dance was also a form of worship but this changed to entertainment during the high Middle Ages.
Religion effected all aspects of medieval life, religion made people grow and develop, helping fill the void left by the fall of the Roman Empire. The barbaric, culture less life that was left after the decline of the Roman Empire was reinvented by those seeking God and salvation. By one thousand AD virtually all of Europe was converted to Christianity, even the most reluctant, the Vikings had converted. The Middle ages was the age of Faith.

The Church was more powerful than kings or nobles.
It made kings by officiating at their coronation and unmade kings by excommunicating them.
The Church had its own government, laws, courts, and system of taxation.
It provided education through its schools, monasteries, and convents.

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