An Essay On Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln They were many different people that changed the world; some of them changed the world completely. One of the most influential man is Abraham Lincoln. He had dedication and worked hard to becoming the man he once was. This paper is about how Abraham Lincoln played a huge effect on the outcome of the Civil War and the abolishing of slavery. First of all, Lincoln had a rough and gracefully life as a child. He was born in Hardin County, Kentucky on February 12, 1809 (Goverment). When he was six he walked to school two miles in a dark log cabin. A few weeks later the school shut down, so he never went school but he taught himself how to read and write. When he was nine, his mother had died of a milk sickness (Goverment). Right after his mother had died, his father had married Sarah Bush. Abraham loved his stepmother that he even liked her better than his real mother. His stepmother loved Abraham and always gave him books to read. She sent Abraham to school that was nine miles away but she knew that Abraham was special (Bowler). When he was twenty-three his father and stepmother had died of old age. After the death of his parents, he worked hard to keep paying the rent of the house with his sister. His sister told him to go to the fields and get money. For 10 years he has worked in the field. Abraham loved his job while he walked over there; he talked and joked with people (Bowler). Secondly, Lincoln had trouble on finding a career. Successfully in 1834 Abraham ran for the state legislator and he won. After he retired from the legislator, he started learning on how to become a lawyer. He became a great lawyer at the age of thirty-four. He started winning elections, and court cases. Soon after, he married Mary T... ... middle of paper ... ...Lincoln wasn’t paying attention John sneaked behind him and shot his head (Goverment). Some people took him to the house next door and took care of him. On April 16 he died at 6:00 AM. After he died, Andrew Johnson became president and he finished the Reconstruction. He also made the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment. The 13th amendment freed the slaves completely; the 14th amendment gave citizenship to colored people; and the 15th amendment gives colored people the right to vote. Lincoln also supported women’s right, while he was president he tried also to fight for the right for women. In conclusion, Abraham Lincoln was a great man and did many different wonderful things to the world. He had tragedy and happiness in his life, but we would always remember the day that Abraham Lincoln played a huge effect on the outcome of the Civil War and abolishing of slavery.

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