Essay on Religion And Personal Faith : Religion

Essay on Religion And Personal Faith : Religion

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Religion and Personal Faith both involve answering the question of whether or not someone is “spiritual but not religious”. I say this in quotations, because it is ironic in the way that spirituality, is religious in a facet. Religion refers to a community of people who share a similar belief system. Meanwhile, Personal Faith refers to ones own personal beliefs that may or may not be associated with a specific Religion. One might use the terms “Religion” and “Personal Faith” interchangeably, but these terms have two separate definitions. It is a common phrase for people today to say that they are “not religious”, but instead that they are “spiritual. Being religious and being spiritual go hand in hand when it comes to Religion. Being religious involves abiding to a set of beliefs, while being spiritual involves growing into a certain consciousness. These are both significant when it attains to Religion. It is critical to talk compare certain segments of both Religion and Personal Faith, while explaining the differences.
Spirituality is a broad concept that has capacity for a variety of different perspectives. A quote to describe spirituality states, “In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life” (Krentzman). In reading this definition, it sounds familiar to the definition of Religion. Specifically, when mentioning the something bigger than ourselves in the quote. Religion also includes something bigger, such as a higher power. In many Religions, God is the higher power one believes in. Commons things that spirituality and Religion have in common are beliefs and the idea of comfort. It is clear that many of us find comfort in sharing a sen...

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...hin some of the same aspects. Having a belief system shared with others in the same Religion can offer one comfort, purpose, and a connection to others. This is such an important element to have in one’s life, as it can help one find a purpose to their existence. Personal Faith, just like Religion, is important as well. It is important to have your own sense of beliefs, as it helps to develop who you are and give one a sense of identity. As mentioned above, spirituality, religiousness, Religion, and Personal Faith, all have their own separate concepts, but also relate to one another. These terms have been used interchangeable, while they could have been used as a completely separate interpretation. It depends on the person who is using these terms and it depends on the context they are using the term in to truly recognize they definite meaning behind the definitions.

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