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Relationship Between The Prince And Me Essay

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For this assignment, I chose to discuss the relationship between the main characters in The Prince and Me. Before I go into detail about the relationship, I would like to describe the main characters so that you have an understanding about their persona. First we have Julia Stiles who stars as Paige Morgan. Paige is an average farm girl who was raised in Wisconsin and is attending college to become a doctor. She is currently in her last semester and is very focused and dedicated to her school work. Luke Mably, who plays Prince Edward or Eddie, is the prince of Denmark and is currently resisting his crown. Eddie is portrayed as very immature and irresponsible. His hobbies include street racing, chasing girls, and starring in the tabloids. He decides that it would be good for him to spend some time in America and attend a college in Wisconsin in hopes of finding a “crazy Wisconsin girl” at the university where Paige coincidentally attends. This relationship is very typical to any other relationship between two college kids. You have the college girl dedicated to her work, and the college guy looking for a good distraction. Just as in our own relationships, they experience stages that help them grow together to create more intimacy in their relationship. In this paper I will discuss the communication and other factors of the relationship between Paige and Eddie in this fairytale love story.
To start off the movie, Eddie meets Paige at a pub near the college where she works. Eddie approaches Paige at the bar where she is bartending and asks her for a drink, while she is making his drink he proceeds to flirt with her. Just as he begins to win her over with his looks and charm, he makes the mistake of asking her...

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...ship with Paige. This causes the relationship to take a major downfall, but the affection between them never goes away.
In the end of course, they live happily ever after in Eddie’s castle. How else would a fairy tale story end? Though their relationship started off on a rocky path, they grew stronger and eventually Prince Edward asked Paige to marry him and be his queen. There are many types of interpersonal relationships but for some reason, romantic relationships seem to be the most interesting. There are many stages in romantic relationships, and many factors that either helps the relationship grow or collapse. In Inter-Act, it states that we define who we are in part through our most intimate relationships (Inter-Act p.164; Aron, Aron, Tudor and Nelson, 2004). In other words, romantic relationships are extremely important and make us the person we are.

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