Reform The Immigration Bill Have Been Under The Microscope Of The American People

Reform The Immigration Bill Have Been Under The Microscope Of The American People

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As I am sure you are aware, your recent progressive actions taken to reform the Immigration Bill have been under the microscope of the American people. Questions have been drawn relating to the constitutionality of these actions in accordance with your executive rights as entitled by Article II of the U.S. Constitution. Mr. President, I would suggest it be noted by you and your administration that the effectiveness of your reform will be solely dependent on the use of your executive action. If you continue to implement this reform from a unilateral perspective, the executive branch will further alienate itself from its counterparts in Washington. I would suggest you administer a great deal of caution as you continue forward with such reform as the constitutionality of your decision will be under grave scrutiny. As we have seen in the past, we will need to maintain a bilateral approach if we have any intention of putting forth an effective bill that will be respected by the general populous. While the primary focus of this reform is to assist legal immigrating families in search of opportunity and good fortune, we must not turn our backs to the American’s whom we’ve sworn an oath to protect and serve.
As we proceed forward in attempts overcome the current illegal immigration concerns within the United States, we must first address the three pillars of reform within your proposal. The first, cracking down on illegal immigration at the border, suggests that an increase in resources to vulnerable border crossing locations will reduce the numbers of illegal crossings while assisting law enforcement officials in catching those trying to enter illegally. The second, deporting felons, will ensure the maintenance of our national ...

... middle of paper ... the borders of their states to a standard set by the federal government. In addition, by working more closely with Congress as to the determinants for citizenship amongst illegal immigrants would allow for a more nationally favorable solution to be implemented. In relinquishing total control of Immigration Reform and assuming the role of overseer, your efforts can be directed towards greater issues such as national security and foreign policy in the Middle East. Such a decision will allow for states to prosper under their own will and authority and allow Congress the opportunity to reformat the bill as is seen best fit by the public. In doing so, the relinquished executive action will represent your understanding of your empowerment under Article II as well as your confidence in Congress and state governments silencing any criticisms you are currently facing.

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