Reflective Practice Is Associated With Self Development Essay

Reflective Practice Is Associated With Self Development Essay

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Generally reflective practice is associated with self-development. With the help of this, below situations can be achieved:
1) Firstly, future personal growth
2) Secondly, it addresses how we think and feel about ourselves and circumstances in the present, and
3) Last but not least, how we think and feel about ourselves and situations in the past.
Reflective Practice is mainly using self-analysis in order to understand, judge and interpret the things such as events and experiences that we are involved. This enables to form a theoretical view or analysis which let us to make a clear explanation to others. In order to develop our self-development and our performance, the process of reflective practice help us in order to enable insights and learn for a new personal understanding, knowledge, and action as well.
There are basically three main features for the development of reflective practice. These can be explained as with the below criteria:
• simple reflection 
• critical reflection, and
• critical thinking or critical reasoning 
I will try to mention the development or shaping modern definitions of reflective practice by explaining some significant historical conceptual interpretations below. You will witness the increasing sophistication of the ideas from basic reflection to critical thinking, and of course finally to critically reflective practice. Let’s start with John Dewey. John Dewey is an American philosopher and educational reformer. He is known as the founder of experiential education. He described the critical thinking as a reflective thought in his book which is targeting teachers in 1910. One of his saying is in the book is like that: "...Active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief, or supposed form of...

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..., focus, learn, evaluate, consider, and trial”. Let’s look at the detail explanations of each subjects:
1. Remember: Look back, review, ensure intense experiences are reviewed 'cold '. (Subjective and objective)
2. Experience: What happened? and what was important? (Subjective and objective)
3. Focus: Who, what, where, etc. Roles, responsibilities, etc. (Mostly objective)
4. Learn: Question: why, reasons, perspectives, feelings? Refer to external checks. (Subjective and objective)
5. Evaluate: Causes, outcomes, strengths, weaknesses, feelings - use metacognition. (Subjective and objective)
6. Consider: Assess options, need/possibilities for change? Development needs? 'What if? ' scenarios? Refer to external checks (Mostly objective)
7. Trial: Integrate new ideas, experiment, take action, make change. (Repeat cycle)
And in the below you can see the model as a table:

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