Reflection Paper : Self Reflection Project

Reflection Paper : Self Reflection Project

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I could honestly say I was not extremely surprised to hear any of my responses. I know that at the beginning of this course, I was very intimidated to talk about this topic but the professor and my classmates have really made talking about this topic a little less stressful. Due to my anxiety about the topic, the initial recordings do show my hesitation in answering some questions. I think that would be the only thing that surprises me now looking back at my recording, my intimidation about the topic. If I were to complete the first part of the self-reflection project now, I think my answers would be different in that they would be more concise and my attitude would be much more assertive about the topic.
After hearing my responses, I feel that one of the greatest issues with this topic is the fact that many people are incredibly uncomfortable talking about it and therefore, they avoid talking about these issues. I think that this is a huge issue because if racism continues to be unaddressed, it will continue to prevail. It is like the concept I learned about in the course not too long ago pertaining to colorblindness. People acknowledge there is a racism problem, they claim to not be racist yet they do nothing to prevent racism from occurring. The fact that people avoid talking about racism since it is an uncomfortable topic is very similar to being colorblind. People know racism occurs, people see racist acts occur, the same people claim they are not racist but yet do not address the issue when it arises and feel very uncomfortable to talk about it altogether. I think this is an issue that everyone is at fault for. I think only those that do speak up and are not scared about the repercussions are the only ones that can truthful...

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... internalized for so long. Some resources I have outside myself include the skills I am learning in my Master’s program at Simmons as well as some local community outreach programs that strive to advocate and end racism and other oppressive acts. I will most definitely take initiative to keep honing my skills, keep learning, stay informed and probably join an advocacy group. Three resources that had a huge impact on me throughout the course that helped me come to my realization included the video that we watched about the Latino culture and how it is so misrepresented in the media, all the assigned readings but particularly the ones pertaining to systemic and institutional racism as well as the ones pertaining to the Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model. The last resource that also had a great impact on my perspective was the Power of an Illusion video series.

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