Essay on Reflection Of 12 Angry Men And Group Stages

Essay on Reflection Of 12 Angry Men And Group Stages

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Reflection of 12 Angry Men and Group Stages
Groups develop in a healthy way, dissolve because of lack of care, or end up in disarray. Understanding how to begin and nurture a group significantly improves the chances that the goals of the group and its members will be achieved, and chaos will be avoided (Gladding, 2012). This paper will examine the various characteristics of the Gladding (2008) stages/transitions of group development. Research will illustrate understanding of these areas and how these concepts are revealed in the movie 12 Angry Men.
What are the gender and ethnicities of group members?
12 Angry Men (1957) is classic about a diverse group of twelve jurors that are all male. The majority are mostly middle-aged. Each man appears to be white of middle-class status. These twelve men are brought together to deliberate after hearing evidence in a seemingly simple murder trial case (12 Angry Men, 1957). After the case, the men leave to the jury room to determine the verdict for the poor minority defendant with a criminal record. The frightened, teenaged defendant is on trial (12 Angry Men, 1957).
What roles does each of the members play? Are some roles more well-defined than others? Who emerges as leader(s)? Why?
The Foreman (Juror 1) is responsible for keeping the jury organized. He is an assistant football coach outside of the jury room. Juror 2 is a shy bank clerk. Eventually, he takes time to feel comfortable enough to participate in the discussion (12 Angry Men Study Guide, n.d.).
Juror 3 is a troubled man. I would not describe him as a leader. More like a bully and hurt man due to his feelings towards his son. He is small business owner that employs thirty-four workers (12 Angry Men Study...

... middle of paper ...

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