Essay about Reconciling Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and Intelligent Design

Essay about Reconciling Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection and Intelligent Design

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Natural selection is an important component of evolution. Natural selection occurs when some members of a population are better fit for survival and reproduction than the others in that population (Phelan 284-85, 2011). The environment in which organisms live plays a part in natural selection as well. Depending on the conditions of the environment, the organisms may pass down selected traits to their offspring. These selected traits will allow for the next generation to better adapt and survive longer. One example of evolution that has occurred in the past ten years is that of hypolimnas bolina, or the blue moon butterfly. The blue moon butterfly evolved through the process of natural selection in order to survive. The male blue moon butterfly was facing extinction due to the parasitic bacteria, wolbachia. The bacteria were being passed down from the mother and were killing off male offspring before they were hatched (Sherriff 2007). Fortunately, the male population has increased significantly due to natural selection. Through heritability, a gene has successfully been passed down through the next ten generations of blue moon butterflies. This gene has been referred to as the “savior” gene. This gene allows infected female butterflies to produce male butterflies that are not affected by the previously fatal bacteria (Sherriff 2007). These newly adapted butterflies have a better fitness, or chance of survival, than those who were infected and did not inherit the “savior” gene. In the case of these butterflies, evolution occurred rather quickly and saved the population from extinction. Some believe that this gene could have resulted from a random mutation. Others believe that a migrating butterfly may have carried the gene to this c...

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