Essay on Reasons Why People Don't See a Doctor

Essay on Reasons Why People Don't See a Doctor

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Illness is a part of everyday life, yet most people with an illness do not consult a physician. The decision to consult may not be entirely due to the presence or absence of disease but to social and psychological factors, such as fear and economic standing. The refusal of consulting a physician is a major medical mystery that is observed today. This fact is truly ironic. In the advancement that this world has made towards technology, research and development, as well as cognitive and extensive testing, there is a significant rise in the health care information that is relayed to consumers than there was in the past. This acknowledges the fact that the health care industry has made serious advancements towards assessing and developing methods of effectively treating and diagnosing illness-related problems, therefore resulting in early-detection and preventative care. The reasons why persons may choose to refrain from visiting their medical physician is unknown and whether this may result in serious and harmful consequences is still uncertain, however it has been observed that the num...

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