Reasons For Pursuing International Business Essay

Reasons For Pursuing International Business Essay

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In today’s global market, more than before, multinational enterprises [MNEs] have been expanding their operations internationally. This rapid growth requires suitable staff to run new units in foreign countries. Leadership of these new units and MNEs in general requires a global mindset. “Each unit requires executives that navigate economic complexities, cultural ambiguities, and political challenges” (Daniels, 2013) while running an efficient and productive unit. MNEs need staff with international business background and understanding in order to have a successfully operated unit. There is shortage of leaders for the world stage. There are many reasons on why pursuing international business is the right thing to do, tremendous growth potential and high demand are to mention two. There are benefits to be a leader of an international business unit such job satisfaction and better life experience. On the other hand, there could some down fall from being away from home such as being forgotten by the home office and being downgraded once coming back home and high rate of turn around.
There is no doubt that as there is more and more globalization MNEs are in need of leaders with international business background. The growth potential comes from the fact that with one office in the home country there is not much room to growth and competes with everyone else for the top leadership positions. Starting another unit in a foreign country provides an opportunity for employees to grow and take on more responsibilities.
Job satisfaction and better life experience go hand in hand. Leadership role of a unit abroad could be very rewarding. Career development, financial wealth, expanded horizon and experiences are all example of how rewarding this...

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...t and second year (Daniels, 2013).
In conclusion, there are many reasons why studying international business is important for future leaders. Globalization is happening faster than ever and is creating a high demand for global mind sets. Knowledge of international business also bring with a tremendous growth opportunity as MNEs expand to different markets. There are pros and cons of taking on a global leadership position. There will be potentially a great job satisfaction which includes but is not limited to better pay and benefits. On the other hand being away from the home office could be disadvantage when repatriates seeking positions within the home office. Careful planning is needed by patriate executives to avoid turn around when going home. Overall the pros out weight the cons and the outlook for the patriated executive is very much bright with good planning.

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