The Reasons Behind Increasing Tuition Essay

The Reasons Behind Increasing Tuition Essay

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One of the most important thing in our life is education, because it is needed for the rest of their lives. Education has become a mental stress for students who have to pay for tuition out of their pockets because tuition fees are increasing every year in a way that some people aren’t able to afford. Tuition is a fee for a class that a student has to pay in order to take the class. Education is very stressful matter and every student has to maintain really good grades because there is a lot of competition in every field. However, there are smart people who aren’t able to attend the best universities that they want to go to because university’s tuition is increasing and will continue to increase without staying steady. So what are the reasons behind increasing tuition, and what are the effects of it on students? What can the U.S. Department of Education do to try to solve this problem?
As a student, I know how hard it is for students like me when we have to go to a different college just because the college we want to go is very costly. In my case, I wanted to go to DePaul or UIC to get my bachelor 's degree; however, I had to go to a community college first in order to get general education and other classes needed for my major because it has lower tuition. However, going to a community college doesn’t solve the problem because even community colleges are increasing tuition every semester or every year. According to Oakton’s website, last year’s tuition for one credit class was $100.10, and now it has increased to $111.25 per credit hour. It is not that big of a difference, but it can be for some students. If community colleges keep increasing their tuition, then students will not have any choice, and they will have to deal wit...

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...inois is without budget, it doesn’t have any money to give to the student. For that reason, students who were approved for this Illinois MAP grant, and were depended on them; got little or no money this year. According to Jeremy Culver, 37 students did not get the Illinois MAP grant compared to past few years, and they missed out $4,720 in their financial aid. This may not seem that big right now; however, if this happens in every state, then around 1,850 students might be losing their financial aid in the U.S. , which is a lot. Moreover, many community colleges and some universities have lost numerous donors who are providing these institutes funds to give out to students as a scholarship. Since the universities have less fundings, they have increased the requirement to get the scholarship, and because of that, average students are not able to get the scholarships.

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